Tech Community Workshop: Job Search for Engineers

Embarking on or in the middle of your job search for an engineering role? Riviera’s own Wendy Saccuzzo is offering a free weekly workshop that can help. Job Search for Engineers takes the mystery out of the job search and interview process, helping tech professionals feel confident as they look for work. So if you’re nervous about interviewing or need to polish up your resume, look no further.

At the workshops, Wendy teaches engineers how to verbalize their skills, values and experience; how to work effectively with a recruiter; and what their resources are to find jobs in the tech community in the Bay Area. The sessions are offered at Riviera’s San Francisco office every Wednesday (except March 12) at 12:30 p.m., with a bonus session this Thursday, February 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Attendees have really enjoyed the sessions so far:

“Wendy is very well spoken and has a vast amount of knowledge she is happy to share.  I already feel more confident in my job search after the brief presentation.” -- Berny Werntges

“Wendy worked with me to help build my resume and find positions at startups in the Bay Area. Her feedback, resources, and encouragement were invaluable and I landed a fantastic job in no time at all.” -- Ryan Prince

“Wendy is very professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Her positive attitude inspired me a lot..” -- Melissa Chang

In addition to the weekly workshops, Wendy offers private, individual career counseling in-house. She specializes in helping those who are trying to transition back into the workforce, or those who are interested in working in tech but have backgrounds in other disciplines. The counseling sessions are great option if you need help polishing your portfolio or want to improve your soft skills for interviewing.

Starting next month, Wendy will also begin a workshop on utilizing social media in your job search. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming weeks.

For more information, you can reach Wendy via email or by phone at 415-848-9251.

A Look Back at Recruiting in Q4

Q4 was the perfect ending to cap off the whirlwind of a year that 2013 embodied - lots of new clients, placement, and events! In this issue, Chief Operating Officer John Simonelli looks future-state and makes a few predictions for the year to come regarding recruiting and the market outlook. We also share some of the latest and greatest happenings from our firm (recent announcements, useful data, program updates) as we press on into the newly blossoming 2014. Read our full newsletter below:

Delivering The Best Service and Experience - Riviera Adds Four New Partners

We are always committed to providing the best service and experience to our clients and candidates, and a key factor in that is fostering the talent within our own company. To that end, we’re excited to announce the addition of four new Partners, whose combined executive search experience is instrumental to furthering the growth and innovation of Riviera.

We are pleased to introduce Riviera’s newest Partners:

Austin Brizendine

As a key contributor to the Retained search practice, Austin will continue to expand our firm’s expertise within the executive engineering and product search fields.

Dirk Cleveland

In addition to his crucial contributions to Riviera’s executive engineering search practice, Dirk will be leading the development of search expertise in the design and user experience fields.

Sam Wholley

With an immense understanding of executive engineering search processes, Sam’s expertise will be critical to our expansion of the Riviera Direct practice and will be overseeing operations for our engineering team buildout service.

Sandy Ma

Sandy has been instrumental in driving the expansion of Riviera’s data strategy and systems development.  She will continue in this effort as we continue to use technology to enhance and evolve our service delivery model.

All four Partners will continue to be vital assets to our organization as we focus on our pursuit of enhancing the recruiting experience.

Wired - There's No Talent Shortage, Companies Just Don't Know How to Hire

In a recent publication in Wired, Michael Morell discusses the frequently heard adage of the shortage of technical talent.

He challenges this common misconception by highlighting the lack of focus and structure that is required in order to land great talent -- however, he is quick to point out that this does not mean that there is an endless supply; far from it, in fact. In the article, he walks through some key factors to assess when reviewing your company's hiring process and explains why the right balance of each of these components will help you make great hires.

(Wired) - There's No Talent Shortage, Companies Just Don't Know How to Hire

There’s a big misconception that there’s a shortage of great talent. There’s not. Really, we have a massive shortage of companies that are great at hiring. So many businesses don’t have the right process in place, or don’t have the right vision and purpose when it comes to recruiting. They pass on candidates they shouldn't pass on, scare great talent away, and create issues when trying to close with great potential hires.

Recruiting, like any other aspect of successful business, requires strategy. You need to have your story and your process tight, and you can’t be afraid to pull the trigger. There’s not a talent shortage, but there’s also not an endless supply. To win the war, startups need to set up a successful hiring process from start to finish.

Read the full article here...

CodePath is Accepting Applications for March

CodePath is a professional organization for talented startup engineers offering a free 8-week evening program in San Francisco for professional engineers interested in working with others to learn iOS or Android and develop a mobile product along the way. Participants collaborate in teams of 2-3 to design and implement their apps and at the end compete at the CodePath Demo Day. The program has weekly lectures and assigned projects to quickly ramp engineers up on all aspects of mobile development.  The classes are ideal for experienced engineers who are interested in moving into mobile, founding a mobile first startup, or networking and building with other great mobile engineers.

CodePath (sponsored by Riviera Partners) is now accepting applications for their next classes starting March 12th – Apply now iOS or Android.

Program Statistics

The Demo Day for the current class will be March 10th at Github where the best projects from the Android and iOS classes will compete for a $10,000 cash prize. We expect 150 CodePath alumni and future students to attend along with engineering executives from CodePath sponsors.

About the CodePath Team

CodePath co-founders Tim Lee and Nathan Esquenazi are software engineers and startup founders with a wide range of experience building products and software. Michael Ellison co-founded two education non-profits prior to joining Riviera Partners as Product Manager and Alaina Percival runs Women Who Code in addition to her role as Head of Developer Outreach here at Riviera Partners.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently accepting sponsorships for our next Demo Day on March 10th at Github. The event will be attended by 150+ mobile engineers and over 50 current CodePath students. Through CodePath’s partnerships with Riviera Partners, Women Who Code, and Code2040, updates about the event will reach an audience in excess of 10,000 startup minded engineers. Email

Vice President Engineering Salary Analysis - 2014 Q1 Update

We assessed the compensation figures of recently placed Vice President Engineering candidates covering a rolling 24-month period in order to provide additional insight and transparency into this market. Using our database, we explored several components of compensation packages in hopes of identifying unique trends that took place between January 2012 through December 2013. We are pleased to share the information with you below: