Wired – There’s No Talent Shortage, Companies Just Don’t Know How to Hire

on 02 | 04 | 2014

In a recent publication in Wired, Michael Morell discusses the frequently heard adage of the shortage of technical talent.

He challenges this common misconception by highlighting the lack of focus and structure that is required in order to land great talent — however, he is quick to point out that this does not mean that there is an endless supply; far from it, in fact. In the article, he walks through some key factors to assess when reviewing your company’s hiring process and explains why the right balance of each of these components will help you make great hires.

(Wired) – There’s No Talent Shortage, Companies Just Don’t Know How to Hire

There’s a big misconception that there’s a shortage of great talent. There’s not. Really, we have a massive shortage of companies that are great at hiring. So many businesses don’t have the right process in place, or don’t have the right vision and purpose when it comes to recruiting. They pass on candidates they shouldn’t pass on, scare great talent away, and create issues when trying to close with great potential hires.

Recruiting, like any other aspect of successful business, requires strategy. You need to have your story and your process tight, and you can’t be afraid to pull the trigger. There’s not a talent shortage, but there’s also not an endless supply. To win the war, startups need to set up a successful hiring process from start to finish.

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