Quarterly Updates - Q1 2017

We recently published our quarterly newsletter, covering a variety of topics near and dear to us. In case you missed it previously, you can find it here!

Q1 Newsletter

Riviera Hires Tech Entrepreneur Will Hunsinger as COO

We would like to formally welcome Will Hunsinger to our team! Will has joined forces with Majed Itani, our fearless VP of Engineering, Tammy Wang, our exceptionally talented VP of Data Science and Analytics. Together, they and our rockstar team of engineers and data scientists will continue our mission to leverage data and machine learning to make hiring and recruiting more efficient.

(GlobeNewswire) Riviera Hires Tech Entrepreneur Will Hunsinger as COO

Hunsinger Joins Forces with Recently Appointed VP of Data Science and Analytics to Redefine Recruiting Industry

San Francisco, CA, August 10, 2016 -- Riviera, a tech-enabled recruiting firm providing services to tech companies seeking the best engineering talent, has announced the appointment of Will Hunsinger as chief operating officer. An experienced entrepreneur who has co-founded and held the title of CEO at several startups, Hunsinger is expressly qualified to assist Riviera with its mission to redefine the recruiting industry using technology and data science.

Prior to joining Riviera, Hunsinger was digital practice director for private equity fund TPG Growth, the growth platform of TPG Capital. Prior to TPG, Hunsinger was Chairman, CEO and co-founder of SportsStream (acquired by Facebook), served as CEO and President of Vulcan Ventures-backed Evri and also served as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Seattle-based, consumer-focused venture capital firm, Maveron. He previously held senior positions at Gap, Inc., Overture (acquired by Yahoo!) and Accenture. Hunsinger currently serves on the Board of Directors of Adknowledge and Parnell Veterinary Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PARN).

Read the full press release here...

Rivi on The Muse

Recently, Rivi Talent Specialist Torie Mantzouranis worked with career site The Muse to get our company profile up and running on the site. The Muse has been promoting our profile with their media partnerships and featured us as one of their hot new companies to check out. To get more of a feel for The Muse and what makes it cool, Torie answered a few questions.

Tell us a bit about The Muse: What makes it an interesting company?

There are a couple of things that stand out about The Muse. One is the way they build out profiles. They really got to know us as a company, and we fully collaborated on the finished product. They came in to the office and took pictures themselves and worked with us on what was most important to get out there. Another thing they do is write articles that highlight the cool and unique things that a company does, and then they blast that out to their followers. They touch quite a few people in a number of different states, with more than 4.3M unique visitors per month and more than 550 thousand daily email subscribers. So we’re reaching potentially different people than we’re reaching on LinkedIn.

Why is it so great for Riviera to have a profile on The Muse?

One of the truly special things about Rivi is our culture and how close-knit we are. It can be really hard to convey that to people who are interested in joining our team. It’s hard to see what we’re like on a day-to-day. But the videos and photos on The Muse really capture the fun quirks that make Rivi such a cool place to work. I went to some campus recruiting events and spoke to people who might be interested in working or interning at Rivi. I took down their info and sent them a blurb with a link to our profile on The Muse. I found that that age group in particular really responded to it, they had a clear picture of what it’s like to work here and were really excited at the potential of landing a role here.

What's the coolest thing about Rivi's new profile on The Muse?

I love the videos!  Our team did was great behind the camera and I was really impressed with how well everyone did at conveying some fun things about us but also the serious things. As a result, the videos really help get across our vision. There’s a consistent theme on what we’re doing and who would be successful in the company. The potential person looking at Rivi as a place to work could really see how they’d fit in.

One of the more challenging things for people looking for their new right fit is getting a clear picture of the company.  The Muse is an out-of-the box, less traditional way to get a glimpse of what we’re all about.

View our profile!

A Look Back at Recruiting in Q2

In case you missed it, we recently shared our latest installment of our quarterly newsletter! Read about what the latest news about our recruiting platform, trends among the salaries of engineers, and recent insight shared with the media.

We don't know about you, but 2015 seems to be flying by at Rivi. As engineering hiring continues to boom, we've been busy finding the perfect match for clients and candidates alike. In addition, we've moved offices and are working hard on RiviApps which will allow all three spokes in the hiring wheel—companies, job seekers and recruiters—to work together in the most efficient, transparent way possible. Click on the links below for more details on what we're cooking up for you. And if you're an engineer on the look-out for new opportunities we have some interesting data to share in our survey.


Sutro 4.0 The First Step Toward the Future of Recruiting
Introducing Snap: A Rivi App for Companies
Closing the App Gap: Rivi's Talent Portal
Engineering Salary Deep Dive

We once again dug into the compensation figures for junior, mid-level and senior engineers. Here's the high level nitty gritty:

  • SF is still a hotbed for startups, but they're prolific all over the Silicon Valley
  • Salaries are consistently climbing at VC-backed companies
  • Ruby and Python are two of the top paying skills to have
  • Engineers are seeking out greener pastures in hopes of finding new challenges
The Guardian

The Three Biggest Reasons Staff Leave


Who Treats Workers Better: Silicon Valley or Wall Street?

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How to Win the Talent War Without Outspending Your Competition


Five Killer Questions Software Engineers Should Ask on Their Next Job Interview

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Recruiters Use These Signals to Determine When Someone is Ready to Switch Jobs


Not a Mega Tech Brand, But Still Want Top Talent? Offer Creative Perks

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Rivi Teams Up with The Leaderboard for the Rails Challenge

We’re nothing if not passionate about career development here at Rivi, which is why we partner with many organizations and initiatives that provide engineers with ways to improve and show off their skills. Recently, we’ve joined forces with The Leaderboard--brainchild of Nick Kellermeyer and Jeff Lunt--on the Rails Challenge, a coding challenge that began as a concept for finding undiscovered Rails talent and getting them a job. The challenge involves building a complete Rails app to spec from some starter code, and more than 400 developers submitted interest in the days leading up the challenge.

A panel of judges (currently confidential) will select three winners from all the competitors, and then Rivi will work with the winners on finding a new position. Competitors also have the opportunity to win schwag from one of the challenge sponsors. The challenge is now officially live and will be running until April 26. For more information (or to sign up), visit the Rails Challenge website.

Behind the Scenes: How we unwind without leaving the office

Work-life integration is very important to us, and a big part of that is making sure our team members have the opportunity to play hard while they’re working hard. Of course, it’s a lot easier to get in regular downtime if it’s encouraged around the office, and there are a variety of ways we try to accomplish that.

Music is definitely a key element to the culture at Rivi, and you’ll always find us listening to music out loud in the afternoons. “I love the energy of Riviera,” says Principal Thor Bucy. “While everyone at Riviera is diverse in their musical preferences, we all share a common thread: we enjoy music that fires us up and keeps the energy levels high.”

We even have a dedicated music room where people can blow off steam on the in-house guitars and drum set. “The life of a recruiter is pressure-packed, so it’s great to have space for the team to relax, bond and jam out any tensions. There’s no better way to find balance and harmony than in the music room,” says Managing Partner Michael Morell. Don’t know how to play? Rivi offers guitar lessons for those interested in picking up a new skill.

Given our San Francisco headquarters, it probably comes as no surprise that food is also hugely important here in the office. Many colleagues get together to partake in ELF (short for Extended Lunch Fridays), and we hold a regular Bake Off and Dip Off where everyone can participate as chefs and taste testers. “Shh! Baking is my superpower!” says Arusyak Kirpichyan, Technical Recruiter and recent Rivi Bake Off Winner. “I love sharing my baking with colleagues, and they don’t seem to mind.” (See below for Arusyak’s winning recipe.)

Perhaps one of the most fun activities at the office is the weekly Friday Thunderdome Challenge. We have a really big ridiculous trophy with random stuff on it that represents the various challenges, and the winner gets to keep trophy for a week and gets to make up the challenge. “The challenges are picked by the previous winner and can be completely random and off-the-wall,” says Talent Specialist Torie Mantzouranis. “One of the funniest challenges was balancing a cookie on your forehead and getting it into your mouth without hands. That will definitely get your mind off work for a few minutes!”

There are also a variety of games scattered around the office, including Wii, Corn Hole, Foosball and Ping Pong (we’re hoping to hold an annual tournament). And our rather ideal waterfront location encourages activities in the near vicinity, like lunchtime jogs, walks by the water and outings to Giants games.

Interested in taking part in the fun? Contact us to find out about opportunities to join our team.

 - - - - -

Nutella Baklava

Yields 24 squares

Recipe adapted by Epicureanmom


1  cup honey

3/4 cup water

1 cinnamon stick

1 cup Nutella spread

1/2 cup toasted hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

1/2 cup roasted pistachios, coarsely chopped

1/3 cup blanched toasted almonds, coarsely chopped

1/3 cup toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon salt

cooking spray

24 sheets frozen phyllo dough, thawed

1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted


Combine honey, water and cinnamon stick in a medium saucepan over low heat; stir until honey dissolves.  Increase heat to medium and cook (without stirring) for 7-10 minutes, or until a thermometer reads 230 degrees.  Take off heat, and cover to keep warm.  Discard cinnamon stick.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place Nutella in a microwave-safe bowl; microwave for 45 seconds to melt.  Combine all nuts, cinnamon and salt in a small bowl.  Toss to coat.

Lightly coat a 9x13 baking pan with cooking spray.  1 phyllo sheet at a time, place lengthwise in bottom of prepared pan allowing ends to extend over the edge slightly; brush evenly with butter.  Repeat with 5 phyllo sheets and butter.  Spread 1/3 of nutella over the last phyllo sheet, in an even layer.  Sprinkle with 1/3 of nut mixture.  Repeat process twice ending with 6 phyllo sheets on top of the last layer of nuts.  Gently press into pan.

Make 3 lengthwise cuts and 5 crosswise cuts to form 24 portions, using a sharp knife.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, or until phyllo dough is golden brown.  Remove from oven and drizzle with honey.  Cool; store at room temperature in an airtight container.

A Look Back at Recruiting in Q4

In case you missed it, last week we shared our latest installment of our quarterly newsletter! Read about what happened last quarter, where we are headed, and how we plan on getting there.

John Simonelli

As we reflect upon last year and press ahead into 2015, one thing is abundantly clear — the momentum of the tech industry shows no sign of letting up. In an almost unheard of twist of trends, Riviera saw the biggest quarter ever in Q4. Deals flowed right through the end of the year into the holidays, going to show that companies are aggressively searching and dedicated to finding the right talent.

We're also seeing the business diversify, and it's not just happening in the Bay anymore. It's expanding nationally, particularly in NYC and LA. We've started to see client growth in both those areas, and we have recruiters stationed in both locales full-time. We're making inroads into the financial services arena in NYC, and with media, transportation and other emerging growth companies in LA (more on this below).

To ensure the very best level of service to our diverse range of clients, we're charging ahead with industry-changing ideas. We believe that in the long term, technology is going to have a significant impact on recruiting. We continue to invest in a collection of apps that help us work smarter, better and more effectively. Our internal data aggregation platform hit a major milestone in 2014 with the release of version 4.0, and we're making various enhancements on an ongoing basis. We're also expanding beyond internal tools with the release of client and candidate apps in 2015. Our new technology will ensure that clients, candidates and recruiters get the best possible results.

Here's to a prosperous 2015!

John Simonelli


2014 Salary Trends
Looking for talent?

For those running their first company, hiring the best people to back them up can be a bit of a challenge. We're here to help with some words of advice. Follow our blog for ongoing guidance and tips. Here's a taste of what our team serves up: Hiring Tips for First Time CEOs


Looking for change?

The new year is an apt time to think about changing jobs, and as the quarter heats up, many companies will be hiring. Make sure you're top of mind with these tips: Make Your Resume Stand Out With the KISS Principle


In the News

In the last few months of 2014, Rivi recruiters offered up commentary on the importance of data in recruiting, C-suite compensation trends and more.

The Guardian HC Online
Information Week SoCal Tech

A look back at where we've been and what we learned in the last quarter of 2014

The Sunniest of Tech Conferences: Techweek LA

The tech world may be solidly entrenched in the Bay Area, but there's a growing presence in other metro areas like NYC and LA. So naturally, Rivi is growing in these locations as well. Recently, our own Eric Larson was on hand at Techweek LA to judge a startup competition.

Ireland's Web Summit Conference

We're always aiming to learn a little something here at Rivi, and we recently had the opportunity to do so over on the Emerald Isle. The Web Summit's gathering of thousands of tech leaders, innovators and enthusiasts offered plentiful insights on the industry.

read more read more

We continue to help our clients bolster their organizations. From engineering teams to executive leadership, we've been busy matching them with the best possible talent.

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Behind the Scenes: Work-Life Integration at Rivi

There’s a lot of talk about work-life balance nowadays, and the concept  is promoted as part of the culture at many companies. At Riviera, we subscribe to a more comprehensive approach: supporting the quest for work-life integration. We’re huge advocates of you living your best life, which means integrating your holistic self. We believe that happiness comes not from separating work and lifestyle by focusing on the professional self 9-to-5 and the personal self the rest of the time, but from maximizing and simply being yourself all the time. Our goal is to help our employees to thrive in both worlds without feeling like they’re cheating on either side of the equation; the result is successful and happy people who are able to accomplish everything they want.

To promote work-life integration, Rivi continually invests in both our own and external system and tools in order to deliver a consistent experience to everyone--no matter where you are. You do not have to physically be in the office to truly feel like you’re a part of the team and get things done. Whether it be team meetings or one on ones or All Hands, we want you to be able to participate wherever you are. Rivi supports everything from communication, screen sharing and audio tools to project management and file sharing. Ultimately, we want to ensure that even those participating remotely feel like they’re actually in the room.

All of our employees have the freedom with responsibility to work remotely; it’s simply a matter of taking ownership and establishing the most efficient and productive schedule that you need for the given day. And if you need to hit pause at any point, you can hit pause. Our tools and culture provide the flexibility to be agile.

Rivi’s vacation without boundaries program is another way we encourage work-life integration. If you need a day, you get to declare that for yourself. We take the same stance on holidays--they’re not declared at the beginning of the year. Instead, you get to tell us which days off are important to you.

We also understand the value of downtime throughout the day and offer a variety of perks to make it easier to unwind together away from your desk. Boot camp, catered lunches, fun activities and competitions, bake offs, outings and volunteering are some of the many options available for Rivi employees.

At the end of the day, there’s a huge ripple effect by keeping employees happy and healthy first and foremost. It benefits their families, clients, candidates and colleagues and, ultimately, this is what leads to the success of the company.

Want to learn more about the Rivi work culture? Contact Iva Messy, Head of Talent.

The Sunniest of Tech Conferences: Techweek LA

Last week, Techweek LA breezed into Santa Monica, taking over the pier with dozens of emerging tech companies from throughout Southern California. The scene couldn’t be more fitting of the area with 75 degree weather and airy white tents. There was even a fashion show in a nod to LA’s textile industry. It was a sharp contrast to Techweek Chicago.

Riviera’s LA-based Partner Eric Larson was on hand at the event to act as one of the judges for the startup LAUNCH competition, helping to narrow down the competitors from 70 to just five finalists. LAUNCH features very early-stage companies who use the competition to gain recognition for their products and interact with potential investors. There was an ecclectic mix of companies on hand representing the full range of Southern California industries, from agriculture to gaming, social and big data.

Out of the five finalists, a winner is selected in a live “win it all” style wrap up. This year, the grand prize went to QuickLegal, a platform that helps users connect instantly with a licensed attorney via chat.

While the LAUNCH competition was at the center of the event, Techweek LA also featured a variety of sessions led by founders, entrepreneurs and investors. Speakers included Scott Painter of TrueCar,who spoke about the service economy,and Laura Goldberg of LegalZoom, who gave a fantastic overview on the importance of women in tech.

All in all, Techweek LA provided an amazing setting, with all shapes and sizes of interesting companies. And you can’t beat the oceanfront location.

Riviera Tailgates At Stanford

Riviera hosted its final event of 2014 this weekend at the Utah vs. Stanford game! With the yummy tailgate, field passes, box seating, and most importantly: great company, we had a blast with our wonderful peers in tech. After a grueling double overtime shootout, Stanford ultimately fell , but that hardly put a damper on all the fun we had.


We started game day off with amazing food and a fun tailgate!


Then we made our way through the tunnel and on to Stanford's field!

IMG_0009 IMG_0011

After having fun on the field we made our way to our seats, oh wait, I mean box seats!


Fun was had by all! Thank you to everyone who made the trip out!