TalentCulture - Lasting Career Tips For Engineers

Engineers are in hot demand these days, which generally means you're in prime position to demand top dollar from any company that's courting you. But when it comes to building a lasting career in the field, money shouldn't be the only (or even the first) thing you consider. Check out this article on TalentCulture for lasting career tips for engineers courtesy Rivi Director Thor Bucy.

(TalentCulture) - Lasting Career Tips For Engineers

If you’re an engineer, you’re automatically in a prime negotiating position when it comes to commanding a good salary–it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. But while a big check in the near term might seem like the best idea, it may not be the best move for your overall career. The career tips below will make sure you’re doing what’s best for the long haul.

On Asking For And Negotiating A Pay Raise (Successfully!)

Often, people place too much emphasis on current salary. Money will come to those that enter a company and find the opportunity to significantly improve some aspect of that company.  Negotiating for $5k to $10k is nothing when you compare that to getting to the senior ranks within a company where you can start negotiating multiples of that number. With that said if you’re currently negotiating a pay raise, it’s important to hold your ground.  You cannot be afraid to say “no.”

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TechBeacon - Why experience trumps mobile development certifications

For mobile engineers who are still developing their careers, there is no shortage of certification courses available for just about any in-demand skill. But when it comes down to landing your next gig, nothing trumps actual experience at another company. One reason for that, as Rivi Director Thor Bucy puts it in this TechBeacon article, is that there's such a strong demand for mobile developers that companies often don't care about certification--they just want talented people who know what they're doing.

(TechBeacon) - Why experience trumps mobile development certifications

If you're looking to improve your job outlook in the mobile developer market, there's no lack of certification programs claiming they can give you a leg up.

But according to hiring managers and recruitment specialists, rather than spending time and money getting "paper" proofs of your skills, you should prove your coding ability with real world experience.

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Rivi on The Muse

Recently, Rivi Talent Specialist Torie Mantzouranis worked with career site The Muse to get our company profile up and running on the site. The Muse has been promoting our profile with their media partnerships and featured us as one of their hot new companies to check out. To get more of a feel for The Muse and what makes it cool, Torie answered a few questions.

Tell us a bit about The Muse: What makes it an interesting company?

There are a couple of things that stand out about The Muse. One is the way they build out profiles. They really got to know us as a company, and we fully collaborated on the finished product. They came in to the office and took pictures themselves and worked with us on what was most important to get out there. Another thing they do is write articles that highlight the cool and unique things that a company does, and then they blast that out to their followers. They touch quite a few people in a number of different states, with more than 4.3M unique visitors per month and more than 550 thousand daily email subscribers. So we’re reaching potentially different people than we’re reaching on LinkedIn.

Why is it so great for Riviera to have a profile on The Muse?

One of the truly special things about Rivi is our culture and how close-knit we are. It can be really hard to convey that to people who are interested in joining our team. It’s hard to see what we’re like on a day-to-day. But the videos and photos on The Muse really capture the fun quirks that make Rivi such a cool place to work. I went to some campus recruiting events and spoke to people who might be interested in working or interning at Rivi. I took down their info and sent them a blurb with a link to our profile on The Muse. I found that that age group in particular really responded to it, they had a clear picture of what it’s like to work here and were really excited at the potential of landing a role here.

What's the coolest thing about Rivi's new profile on The Muse?

I love the videos!  Our team did was great behind the camera and I was really impressed with how well everyone did at conveying some fun things about us but also the serious things. As a result, the videos really help get across our vision. There’s a consistent theme on what we’re doing and who would be successful in the company. The potential person looking at Rivi as a place to work could really see how they’d fit in.

One of the more challenging things for people looking for their new right fit is getting a clear picture of the company.  The Muse is an out-of-the box, less traditional way to get a glimpse of what we’re all about.

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