2013 Engineering Salaries In Review

With 2013 now fully behind us, we took a deeper dive into our placement data from all of last year to examine the state of engineering salaries. We saw salaries fluctuate throughout the year, so we wanted to see how things panned out when aggregated together. A larger data set allowed us to drill down a little deeper into the numbers and share some additional insight about the Bay Area startup market.

Check out our findings in our analysis below:

The Robot’s Back! And Why I’m Learning Android Next

Riviera Partners has been actively involved in helping to build the tech ecosystem and has been partnering with CodePath to help engineers increase their programming skillsets. We have already have seen a lot of success in the partnership and worked with some very talented engineers who have graduated from the classes.

Natasha Murashev, a software engineer and author of NatashaTheRobot, is looking to expand her own talents in the new year and is embarking on her own CodePath learning adventure this month. In her post, she shares her take on why programs like this can prove to be incredibly valuable to engineers as well as the greater tech community.

(Natasha The Robot) - The Robot’s Back! And Why I’m Learning Android Next

After an intense vacation where I got to learn things about the world that have nothing to do with programming, I’m back, refreshed, and ready to dominate 2014!!!!!!

So starting my New Year with a bang, yesterday I officially started learning Android development at CodePath. For those who haven’t heard of CodePath, it’s an after-work bootcamp for more experienced Software Engineers who want to get the latest skills in Mobile (Android and/or iOS) development to advance their careers.

I feel very honored to have gotten into the class, and could not be more excited. Seriously, I went to the class last night exhausted, and walked out jumping at the joy of learning from the very energetic Nathan Esquenazi! And it’s only been one class

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Women 2.0 - 6 Tips for Female Engineers to Advance Their Careers

Women 2.0 recently approached Alaina Percival for some insight regarding helping female engineers advancing their careers in a male dominated industry. With her own experience in the tech industry as COO and Board Chair of the non-profit organization Women Who Code, she had a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject.

(Women 2.0) - 6 Tips for Female Engineers to Advance Their Careers

It’s no secret that men outnumber women in engineering leadership roles. Women Who Code, a global organization dedicated inspiring women to pursue and excel in technology careers, is aiming to change that. The organization offers free weekly technical study groups and larger monthly events including tech talks, hack nights, and career trainings. In addition to providing a fun and welcoming forum for women to practice and learn new coding skills, organizer Alaina Percival hopes that the WWC events can provide some of the stepping stones to help them better their careers in the future.

I sat down with Alaina, who draws on her experience as the Head of Developer Outreach at the tech recruiting firm Riviera Partners in advising attendees of WWC. “We really want to get women to maintain their careers in a way that’s going to help them advance, even if that’s not an immediate goal,” says Alaina. “There are things you can do along the way that will allow you to advance three to five years down the road.” So it’s not so much standing out when up for a promotion, but the steps along the way to get to that point.

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Wired - Big Data Brings Big Changes to Recruiting

In a recent publication in Wired, Michael Morell shares his thoughts on the future of recruiting. He discusses the importance of understanding the latest advances in technology and makes the case that the best recruiters will be able to use insights derived from big data to fundamentally change the recruiting experience for both candidates and clients. However, this is not to state that successful recruiting endeavors of the future will solely rely on "data-mining" their way to the perfect candidate  -- recruitment will never fully stray from the human component (communication, emotion, relationship building, etc.). If combined correctly, the relationship of both man and machine will push the boundaries of recruiting as we know it.

(Wired) - Big Data Brings Big Changes to Recruiting

It’s no secret that companies -- particularly small businesses and startups -- face challenges when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible talent. While it’s true that the age of the internet has made a wealth of information available on potential candidates, wading through all that data can be a considerable time (and money) suck. It’s enough to make you miss the good old days when referrals were the only way to find employees. (In fact, referrals are still an important factor, but more on that later.)

What’s certain is that big data is the future of job recruiting and development, and understanding how to make sense of it will be critical to a company’s success. These days, big data is helping fast growing companies find their perfect engineers, developers and executives. And everyone can say they have access to big data with LinkedIn, G+ and other profiles on the web. However, you can’t just “data mine” your way to the right candidate; you need the right tools to analyze it, and the right people who can provide meaningful insight.