Developing With Data Meetup

Recently, the Developing With Data SF Meetup group partnered with Riviera Partners to help bring together a group of 30+ data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts, to engage in a lively discussion about existing and new tools that can be used to help process the increasing amounts of data that is being created daily.

David Mariani, former VP of Engineering @ Klout, spoke about the new paradigm of data warehousing and how Hadoop, Hive, and other interactive Query Engines are currently being used, while highlighting his experiences from Yahoo! and Axciom.

David’s talk, gave a high level perspective that allowed for those not too familiar with the latest data trends, to better grasp some key notions and the increasing importance of Big Data.

Andrew Fogg joined us from London, showcasing the beta product that his startup,, has created to make it easier to extract data from the Web and mix data from many source to form your own data sets. The product and their customer support from London, is currently being offered as a complimentary service, as they are championing the needs of simple and easy to use tools for both data professionals and novices.

A big thanks for Developing With Data SF Meetup organizer, Chris Farkas of eAlchemy Labs, for sharing his passion and commitment to the data community, as well as the Runway Incubator for hosting us at their event space. For information about their future events, join them on Meetup.

About the author: Joseph Yeh is a Technical Recruiter at Riviera Partners. He helps some of the most cutting edge startups in the Valley find the brightest engineering talent to help their organizations scale.

FounderLY & Riviera Team Up For 'The Future of Education'

Last week, FounderLY hosted The Future of Education panel discussion and Riviera Partners partnered with the organization to give the Who’s Who of education innovators a platform for discussing the future of one of the most important industries in the world.

Photo left to right: Matthew Wise, Heather Hiles, Tim Brady, Eren Bali, and Andrew Ng


Andrew Ng, Cofounder and CEO of Coursera, shared that Coursera had their first million users faster than Facebook and told an inspiring story of someone in Siberia Russia getting a job offer from Twitter after earning several certificates through Coursera.

Pathbrite CEO and Founder, Heather Hiles emphasized that investors need to fund education startups that are truly aiming to change the system and not simply make it more efficient.

Tim Brady, Founder of Imagine K12 spoke about how employers, not institutions, will determine the value of online courses and certifications and that the adoption of tablets in the classroom is spurring a need for software that integrates a teacher’s workflow.

Eren Bali CEO and Founder of Udemy started down this online education path 12 years ago but it was too early for the market because of Internet infrastructure issues. The market is right now and he is inspired by his personal history coming from a small town in Turkey to make education accessible to people in all parts of the world.

The audience was almost as impressive as the panel with many other education related startups in attendance including Khan Academy,, Lodestone, and several developer schools.

A big thanks to FounderLY organizers, Matthew Wise and Wayne Sutton, for creating this memorable event and promoting innovative thought around how we view and receive education.

About the author: Alaina Percival is a Marketing Manager at Riviera Partners. She is deeply involved with the tech community and spends the majority of her free time inspiring women to learn to program through Women Who Code.

Lightning Talks with Women Who Code at Yelp Headquarters

Recently, Riviera Marketing Manager, Alaina Percival, organized an evening of tech talks attended by approximately 150 women at YELP headquarters. The evening included talks on subjects like iOS Development by Erin Parker, Stanford graduate and founder of Spitfire Athlete, Authentication for Dummies by Fiona Tay of Airbnb, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Alicia Liu senior software engineer at Lift, Making a Firefox OS App by Mozilla developer Margaret Leibovic Riviera’s own Evadne Wu talked about Making Your Views Fast

Watch the Talk:

Women Who Code is an organization dedicated to inspiring women to pursue and excel in technology careers. Founded in 2011, the group has grown to more than 3000 members in the Bay Area. Weekly events include study groups to teach women Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Algorithms, Scala, and iOS. Larger format monthly events include Tech Talks, Hack Nights, and career enhancement trainings.

Riviera is proud to sponsor Women Who Code and Alaina’s efforts are supported by our mission to back organizations working to increase the number of engineers and specifically underrepresented groups. This goal has also lead us to work with great organizations like Code2040 and Level Playing Field Institute.

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San Francisco Recruiter’s Predictive Analytics Target Tech Talent

Last week, Managing Partner Ali Behnam spoke with Cindy Waxer of DataInformed to share some insight about our use of data and the resulting efficiency gains we've achieved from doing so. At a high level, they spoke of the challenges that out-of-the-box analytics solutions present to companies with unique processes, but focused more specifically on the way Riviera's homegrown solution applies our own search methodologies (candidate sourcing, scoring, matching, placement) to reduce noise and optimize the entire search life cycle. Today's talent crunch continues to generate increasing demand for great people and the status quo of the market solutions will be forced to adapt to the new speed of business to stay competitive.

(DataInformed) - There’s no shortage of workforce analytics tools today from vendors including Visier, SAP, IBM and Aon Hewitt. But that’s not stopping some companies from passing up on off-the-shelf options in favor of homemade, proprietary talent-seeking systems.

One such company is Riviera Partners. A San Francisco-based executive search and technical recruiting firm, Riviera Partners matches seasoned techies with some of the Bay Area’s most highly sought-after employers like LinkedIn, Zappos and Dropbox.

Riviera examined a number of applicant tracking systems and analytics tools to manage its matchmaking activities. But according to Ali Behnam, Riviera’s managing partner and co-founder, “These tools were very good at tracking events and activities but lousy at providing real insight.”

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