Riviera presents: SXSW Tech Skeeball

We're gearing up for a big SXSW bash and want you to come to our party! Join us for a night of schmoozing, dancing, and of course...Skeeball! If you are planning on heading to this year's event, come meet up with us on Monday night as we celebrate the SXSW spirit. Meet a few of our teammates and network with other tech folks - we'll have door prizes, grand prize giveaways for the best Skeeball team, and of course, a full bar and one of our favorite San Francisco resident DJ's. The details are below - RSVP today!


Ali Behnam Recognized as Top Recruiter by Business Insider

Managing Partner Ali Behnam was listed in Business Insider’s recent feature "10 People Who Can Get You The Best Jobs In Tech And Make You Rich" - a group of key individuals who keep the tech scene buzzing. If you’re a candidate seeking to land one of Silicon Valley’s best tech jobs, you’d be wise to contact us.

(Business Insider) - The war for talent has never been hotter in Silicon Valley. Sometimes a key hire can make the difference in when a company launches a product—or lands its next financing round.

Think we're kidding? We know one late-stage company that waited to round out its management team before gunning for an eight-figure fundraising.

Even venture capitalists are taking a more hands-on role in recruiting, building up internal operations that keep their portfolio companies fueled with engineers, designers, and salespeople. Andreessen HorowitzGoogle Ventures, and others now have in-house "talent partners."

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Riviera Founders’ Fitness Program Featured in WSJ

Managing Partners Michael Morell and Ali Behnam are always working hard—not only on behalf of Riviera’s clients and candidates, but also for themselves. When not tending to business or other family obligations, the company’s founders can be found exercising and staying in shape; they run the gamut when it comes to a varied approach to fitness and take on everything from power-lifting to yoga. The Wall Street Journal shadowed them for one of their workouts and together they discuss all-things-fitness: their workouts, nutritional habits, exercise gear, and even the music that keeps them motivated.

(WSJ) - Michael A. Morell and Ali Behnam, founders of Riviera Partners, a global recruiting firm based in San Francisco, share more than just a company: They share Big Ricky, a personal trainer who has them swinging kettlebells, tossing medicine balls and doing whatever drills he yells out.

Big Ricky, or Ricky LaRocca as he is known, leads them in workouts three days a week during their lunch break. Mr. LaRocca is one of two trainers they work with on different days at Body Mechanix, a fitness cooperative in the San Francisco Bay area.

Morell and Behnam met in 1996 while playing on a recreational rugby league and started Riviera Partners, which specializes in recruiting executives in the technology industry, in 2002.

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2012 Engineering Salaries In Review

With 2012 now fully behind us, we took a deeper dive into our placement data from all of last year to examine the state of engineering salaries. We saw salaries fluctuate throughout the year, so we wanted to see how things panned out when aggregated together. A larger data set allowed us to drill down a little deeper into the number and share some additional insight about some of the things we are seeing in the Bay Area startup market.

Check out our findings in our analysis below:

Engineering Salaries

Ali Behnam Addresses Demand for “Data Scientists” in PEHub

Big Data is being touted as the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. It’s widely accepted that leveraging the volumes of data collected electronically will help companies make more predictive, strategic, and evidenced-based decisions to move their businesses forward. Yet, as with any technological development, companies require a specific skill set to take advantage of the opportunity. In the case of Big Data, most organizations lack the talent to effectively analyze the enormous datasets being produced. Ali Behnam, Founding and Managing Partner at Riviera, recently was featured in a PEHub article discussing the demand for “data scientists,” particularly across startup companies.

(PEHub) - The current, accepted wisdom is that those who understand Big Data – the enormous datasets of information being collected with nearly every click of every computing device on the planet – will rule the roost in the future. Presumably, if you can predict behavior by measuring and monitoring people’s machines down to an almost atomic level, you can make both your customers and your shareholders much happier. (See Google.)

There’s just one problem: outside of companies like Google that have long made use of rich rosters of PhDs, there are nowhere near enough “data scientists” — graduate-level candidates with backgrounds in machine learning or statistics — to analyze the massive streams of information that are being produced, and that gap is growing by the day.

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