The Growing Trend Continues!

Posted by: Team Rivi

Big changes around the office these days. Lots of new faces, numerous phones ringing off the hooks and a constant clicking of mice and busy fingers pummeling keyboards. If you haven’t been to our office since the start of the year, you might not even recognize us anymore.

Seems like it was only yesterday when we found ourselves at home in the comforts of Suite 9. However, in the last 3 months, we’ve outgrown our old “home” and expanded into the adjacent suite next door (Suite 10!). The dust seems like it’s just now starting to settle and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve just about maxed out our capacity!

What We’ve Been Up To

We have continued to build out our Contingency team and brought on 5 new technical recruiters – Matt Andrieux, Linas Mikalcius, Tammy Han, Megan Clawson and Mark Rafferty and they’ve already hit the ground running in the short time they’ve been here. Our Contingency team is armed with more key people to take on new clientele and continue to recruit more rockstar engineers! They’re a great addition to the Riviera family and we know you’ll love working with them.

Not to be outdone by the Contingency team, the Retained team added 3 new faces to the practice. Riviera alumni Nelson Smith re-upped with the team after his 3 years of success at VentureSearch. Back at Riviera Partners, Nelson will be leveraging his years of technical recruiting experience to manage Executive-level searches across the country. We’re happy to have him back and we’re certain he will prove to be as valuable (if not more) an asset to the Retained team as he was before.

Seasoned recruiters Kelly Kinnard and Jennifer Holmstrom also joined us from their former recruiting roles at Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Barry. We are very excited that they chose Riviera as their recruiting destination – both Kelly and Jennifer are extremely talented recruiters. Kelly has over 6 years of technical recruiting experience and has previously built senior management teams for the portfolio companies of the top Venture Capital firms and public companies alike. Kelly has already taken on several new challenges as part of Riviera’s New York expansion. Likewise, Jennifer joins us with more than 8 years of recruiting tenure. In addition to her time at Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Barry, Jennifer was the Co-Founder of Gallery A Consultants, a global management and talent consulting firm. Now at Riviera, Jennifer will serve as an acting Principal but will also maintain an advisory role overseeing our On-Site recruiting solution for Venture-backed portfolio companies.

These 3 are certainly no strangers to the industry. (Fun fact: We just added roughly 23 years of combined recruiting experience to our team!) Collectively, Nelson, Kelly and Jennifer bring a wealth of new ideas, fresh perspectives and deep understandings of the industry to our business offering. They’ve already lined up some very exciting opportunities for Riviera and their impact here has been felt immediately. Keep an eye out for more news about what they’ve got in the pipeline – great things are coming!

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Iain Grant Named As A Partner

Posted by: Rivi Team

We are pleased to announce that veteran recruiter Iain Grant has received the nod and has been named as an official Partner to Riviera. Since his arrival to the Riviera family back in February of last year, Iain’s ability to leverage his 20+ years of industry experience, customer-first mentality and charming British accent has served him well to help him rapidly rise within the ranks. While his work here is just beginning, we are pleased that he chose to make the bold career leap from the Client/Professional Services realm into search.

Iain has played a valuable role in the successful growth of our Retained Search practice and is responsible for single-handedly closing 9 separate Executive-level searches in his still blossoming career at Riviera. As a Partner, Iain most likely will now find himself longingly missing the free time he used to have; clients already openly request his leadership for their searches, and we anticipate his client (and placement) list will only grow longer.

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The Culture King Joins Riviera Partners

Posted by: Rivi Team

Riviera Partners is excited to announce that workplace culture authority, Dr. David “Doc” Vik, has joined our leadership team as Chief Strategy Officer!

Dr. Vik previously spent 5 years at as the “Coach” of the executive team and employee base. His primary role there was to help create and drive a spirited and collaborative culture for the company. Dr. Vik worked with individuals, teams and different departments to foster relationship building, develop effective communication methods and goal setting practices as part of his endeavors. In summary, he crushed it! During his stint, sales and morale reached unthinkable heights and the company gained national recognition for the role that a healthy culture can play in positively influencing a workforce. The culture Dr. Vik helped to instill gained notoriety among television shows (including 60 Minutes and Dateline), print articles and won awards. With his help, Zappos went on to debut at #23 on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” in 2009 and #15 in 2010. Nearly everyone today knows (if not, loves) Zappos and Dr. Vik is a big reason why.

And now he’s here!

Dr. Vik joins Riviera with aims of helping to enhance our service delivery model and daily operations through coaching and leadership advisory. His understanding and experience will provide Riviera with the necessary oversight to ensure that future processes are created and analyzed for scalability and functionality within the scope our long-term company goals. With a track record of previous successes, Dr. Vik will undoubtedly help propel Riviera Partners into the next phases of development.

“Riviera Partners is undergoing tremendous expansion and exploring new territories. Adding a seasoned leader like Doc will undoubtedly help our team maintain that growth, while positioning us for future success,” said Managing Partner Michael A. Morell. “In the short time he’s been with us, we’ve already seen significant employee growth – not just in terms of numbers, but also in spirit and attitude. Having him on our team will help ensure that our practice keeps a healthy balance of cultural progression while still meeting the needs of our clients.” Please join us in welcoming Dr. Vik to the Riviera Family!

Check out his websites and feel free to contact him - warm welcomes, questions and conversations are encouraged! | |!/drvik