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VentureBeat - Not a Major Tech Brand, But Still Want Top Talent? Offer Creative Perks

Posted on Aug 7, 2015

As the tech market continues to boom, top-notch engineers continue to be in hot demand. As a result, smaller startups that might not have the capital to compete with comp packages from the likes of Google and Facebook need to get creative to snag great talent. The first place to put your efforts: perks. Rivi Co-Founder Michael A. Morell has some suggestions.

(VentureBeat) - Not a mega tech brand, but still want top talent? Offer creative perks

In today’s competitive talent marketplace, it may seem impossible for a small tech startup to attract top notch engineers, especially with recent announcements like Netflix’s policy to allow unlimited maternity leave, but a little recruiting knowhow goes a long way.

In today’s job market perks are the norm, with things like free food actually becoming more a requirement than a perk. Other fairly common perks are unlimited vacation, work-from-home flexibility, and family medical benefits – but if you get creative and think outside the box, there are a number of other appealing benefits you can offer potential employees that just might be the icing on their cake.

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