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Posted on May 14, 2014

The Ship Show - Sam Wholley Talks Recruiting Via Podcast

Partner Sam Wholley was recently invited to share his thoughts on the current state of recruiting with The Ship Show, a bi-monthly podcast, featuring discussion on everything from build engineering to devops to release management, plus interviews, new tools and techniques, and reviews. With his background in tech and his recruiter point of view, Sam was a great guest to provide a little perspective into the world of tech recruiting. His segment starts 11 minutes in and he engages in a free flowing Q&A with the hosts covering all things recruiting.

(The Ship Show) Your Profile Tells Me You’re Perfect for this Amazing Podcast Opportunity

Bring up the topic of tech industry recruiting with any developer and you’re likely to get an ear-full: stories of recruiters treating candidates disrespectful, clueless recruiters who don’t know any of the acronyms, recruiters continuing to talk to you even after you’ve asked them to stop… the list goes on and on. In fact, it’s so prevalent, Twitter and Tumblr accounts have popped up just to make fun of recruiters. But why is recruiting so broken in our industry? Are all recruiters like that? And is there anything all of us—companies, recruiters, and candidates—can do to make the experience a bit better (and more efficient!) for everyone? Join us as we put recruiter Sam Wholley through the gauntlet for:

Your Profile Tells Me You’re Perfect for this Amazing Podcast Opportunity

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