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The talent market in the San Francisco Bay Area is hugely competitive. We’re connected to the companies, technologies and trends that set the pace in the birthplace of tech and beyond. Founded here in 2002, we bring years of experience, thousands of connections, and a broad base of shared knowledge about what drives technology leaders, and how technology leaders drive value in companies.
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Working With San Francisco & Silicon Valley Tech Icons

Meet our San Francisco Team

Will Hunsinger

Will Hunsinger

Will joined Riviera in 2016 and became CEO in 2018. A successful operating executive and investor, Will is successful because he connects with clients to earn their trust, he knows the metrics that matter, and he makes everyone that works with him feel like they are all part of the success.
Ali Benham

Ali Benham

Managing Partner
Ali founded Riviera Partners in 2001. He specializes in search for emerging, growth and venture backed companies within the Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, SaaS, and Green Technology spaces, Ali’s network stretches across the nation, with depth in the technology market in the Bay Area, NYC and Southern California.
Michael Morrell

Michael Morrell

Managing Partner
Michael brings 17 years of executive search experience to Riviera. He founded and managed Koa Networks, focused on Engineering roles for venture backed technology companies in the Bay Area. He specializes in placing engineering and product executives in late stage and public companies.
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Your Success is Our Success

Our mission is to provide companies, investors and candidates with services that:

  • Reduce hiring risk
  • Accelerate hiring time
  • Simplify the hiring process
  • Bolster lasting team success and satisfaction
Riviera’s sweet spot is C-suite technology, product and design executives… networked, hands-on and backed by unique data and software.
We work with inventors, innovators, visionaries and the people who finance and support their companies and ideas. We take pride in our long-established connections to the data scientists, machine learning experts, infrastructure and app visionaries, engineers and architects who are shaping the industry. We work with half of the Tech Unicorns — privately held companies with a billion dollar valuation. Each candidate or client interaction is captured in our proprietary recruiting platform. Machine learning algorithms match the right candidates to the right opportunities and transparently track the process.

And, we take success seriously. Together with our clients, we land the right hires quickly and efficiently — with a 95% success rate.

News from the San Francisco Team

Visit our news page to see what we’ve been up to in San Francisco.

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