Hiring A Key Executive – Tips For The Hands-On CEO

on 07 | 23 | 2013

Ali Behnam recently shared a few thoughts with Young Upstarts, a site covering small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurism, discussing the significance that CEO’s play when it comes to landing great talent. As a specialist in executive search for 10+ years, Ali has worked with hundreds of CEO’s with unique talent acquisition needs and shares some best practices which have played a significant role in helping drive effective searches. He highlights 5 key traits that CEO’s should embrace to help companies attract and close on great executive talent.

(Young Upstarts) – The new hire process, particularly at the executive level, is a significant decision and can be quite involved. While there are a number of factors in play which combine to impact the recruiting and hiring process, there is one constant that drives the process of the search – the CEO always sets the tone.

And there are some key factors that need to be taken into consideration for CEO’s facilitating a successful search:

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