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Choosing the Right Recruiting Partner: The Case for a Specialist

Posted on Feb 3, 2023

If you have a situation where you may have a heart problem, who would you call? Your general practitioner or a cardiac specialist? While both types of doctors will promote your health, it’s essential to know what problem you’re trying to solve. And one thing is for sure: you want the best person for the job.

While the analogy might be a stretch for some, the same goes for choosing a recruiting partner. Certainly the case for generalists is valid in some cases, but selecting the best tech talent is something many companies we work with see as vitally important, and in those cases, they look for a recruiting firm for their expertise in a specific area. 

Why does this matter? To be a consultative search partner and to help get you to the correct answer, a recruiter needs to understand the nuances of the role and the environment the potential hire came from. Most importantly, you want to know that the person will pick up the phone when they call.

Recruiting specialists tend to have deeper relationships, meaning more knowledge about both talent and companies. And relationships are indeed everything. We understand the culture, history, and narrative around companies. We understand the marketplace, as well as the various dynamics at play at each phase of the company. 

Let’s face it. No one person can be good at multiple functions. Instead, at Riviera, we’ve chosen to focus. In addition to knowing the space, we’ve developed years-long relationships with talented engineers, product, and design leaders, and have worked hard to understand each individual's motives and career desires. This gives us access to an extensive, active, and engaged candidate pool. 

At the end of the day, we find the most qualified individuals for the job because we’re focused. And the big (proprietary) bonus for our clients: by combining our deep recruiting expertise and knowledge with an innovative AI / ML technology platform and robust candidate database built upon since we started 20+ years ago, Riviera can more innovatively match exceptional talent with transformative companies. That’s the value creation that keeps our clients coming back.

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