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Having the right senior managers in place can be the difference between success and failure. At Riviera Partners, we specialize in technology executive search services and pride ourselves on matching leadership talent with high-performing tech companies. We have a proven track record of technology recruitment that facilitates the right hires quickly from our extensive pool of qualified candidates.

Why Work With A Technical Recruiter?


Working with a technology executive search firm enables you to hire the right candidate quickly and easily. Traditional executive recruiting firms don’t tend to have the industry network or talent pool to facilitate the process efficiently. But a technology search agency will have the connections and know-how to source top talent, whether that’s a senior level executive or potential board member.

Speed is especially important when you’ve had an injection of venture capital and want to put it to good use immediately. An investment in senior leadership will pay off in both the short and long-term but finding the right people isn’t always easy. Demand for STEM graduates is growing which makes the technology job market a competitive landscape. Working with a technology search agency like us removes the risk and headaches from the process. We vet all potential candidates against your search criteria to ensure that only fully qualified and highly suitable professionals are put forward. This means that there’s zero risk of wasting time on interviewing unsuitable talent.

Types of Companies That Can Benefit


The technology industry is growing at an exciting pace and offers huge opportunities for companies that can move quickly. However, this speed also presents a challenge as it can be hard to keep up. An inability to evolve with the market is a recipe for failure but technology recruitment can help address this challenge. For businesses that want to grow and develop, working with executive recruiters on talent acquisition can help to maintain a competitive advantage.

At Riviera Partners, we work with companies in a range of different technology sectors, including:

Our technology recruitment services have helped some of the biggest and most recognized tech companies to hire their senior leaders. We’ve worked on search engagements that enabled industry-leading organizations to grow and transform so that they could reach their strategic goals. By working closely with our expert search consultants and executive recruiters, they’ve been able to find the right hires that accelerated their growth.

Technology Recruitment - How We Do It


We use proven search practices and our vast industry network to source the very best candidates for tech roles. As a leading technology search agency, we’ve established strong relationships with the best talent in the sector. This enables us to connect technology companies with top-performers whatever their requirements are. Our tech recruiting team can also advise you on the best approach to your search that’ll maximize your chances of success. If you’re unsure exactly what you’re looking for, then we’ll take a consultative approach to help you clarify your requirements, develop a job description for the role, and even support succession planning.

As a leading technology executive search firm, we’ve also developed proprietary software to streamline the process. Our state-of-the-art tech facilitates clear communication between our recruiting firm, clients, and stakeholders. This gives you a level of visibility that’s unmatched by any other technical recruiter. The software utilizes machine learning to distill our 20 years of experience into complex search algorithms. This amplifies the effectiveness of our retained executive search team and enables them to work faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

Why We’re Different


At Riviera Partners, we specialize in technology recruitment and are fully committed to ensuring our clients’ success. Our approach is different to most other corporate recruiters because we utilize tech to its fullest potential. This software-driven approach combined with our extensive candidate network enables us to find talent that others simply can’t. As an industry-leading technology search agency, we can help clients in a number of ways.

Our industry expertise and specialist knowledge mean there’s no risk of making a bad hire. Our technology executive search services are designed to take the time and hassle out of recruitment. By leveraging proprietary software and our vast network of job seekers, we help companies to source and secure the top talent. Our professional recruitment team aims to create an ideal client and candidate match. By choosing a technical recruiter with our reach, your company has the best chance of finding the perfect candidate for every role.


Trusted by Leading Tech Companies

Leading tech companies love our forward-thinking approach to leadership sourcing, which has helped us to become one of the top executive recruiters in Silicon Valley and across the USA. We’re driven by finding the highest caliber professionals for IT and technical positions who will contribute to an organization’s success. Sourcing individuals with the right experience, education, and leadership qualities isn’t easy but we have the resources to make it happen. We’re trusted by industry giants and newly established start-ups alike to find and secure the top tech talent out there. Our clients include huge brands and innovators like Bloomberg, Shazam, ClassPass, Squarespace, and WeWork. So, what is it that attracts leading tech businesses to work with us in their recruitment efforts?

Technology Executive Search Specialists


We help established technology companies as well as brand new start-ups to recruit high-caliber leaders. As a specialist technical recruiter, we can source candidates at the top level. So, whether you’re looking for chief innovation officers, technology officers, senior executives, or a vice president, our search team can help.

For the last decade, we’ve played a role in building the hottest start-ups and most well-known tech companies around. We believe everyone deserves to have a job they love, so we’ve built a next-generation recruiting platform that matches job hunters with the exacting needs of tech companies. It’s designed to introduce organizations like yours to brilliant minds in order to solve difficult challenges. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Bozeman, Montana, we’re sure to find the perfect candidate for your company.

Riviera’s exclusive focus on technology executive search services means we bring decades of collective domain experience. We have tens of thousands of executive relationships and the accumulated data of hundreds of thousands of interactions with technology leaders to bear for our clients on every search. Exceptional technology executives possess a rare combination of leadership experience and demonstrated technical achievement, making them difficult to find and even harder to evaluate. But our recommendation system picks up on the explicit and implicit signals throughout each search to help our clients understand what they really need and our recruiters to find it quickly.

We’re a results-driven technology search agency with a passion for helping clients to reach their full potential. Our drive, our exclusive focus on technology leadership, our unmatched domain expertise, our unparalleled relationship network, combined with our reliance on data-driven insights and artificial intelligence to optimize your search, means that when you work with Riviera, you know you’ll make a great hire.  We are relentlessly focused on our clients’ success.

Get in touch with our specialist technology recruitment team today to find your next all-star tech leader.

Three Ingredients of a Great Placement Partner

The most successful placements are the ones where the organization is able to attract and hire a leader with not only the correct technical skillset, but also the ability to translate the company’s mission and vision into unique IP that supports the company’s growth. These leaders must inspire architects, engineers, product leaders, executives and often the board. They must be keenly focused on building the products that can change the status quo and define their market in new ways.  Hiring the right leader in these key positions can literally be the catalyst for breaking through mediocrity and achieving a company’s highest potential.

Riviera takes the challenge head on every day.  Today we announced our best year to date, and the addition of four new partners to our leadership team. We couldn’t be happier and thankful about both.  So, what does a highly-skilled and successful placement firm look for when building their own partner ranks? The answer is simple to define, but harder to achieve.

I believe that to be able to place the best of the best, a recruiter needs three key ingredients:

First, technology.  The ability to leverage technology, data and insights to build a short list of pre-vetted, qualified candidates gives our partners a head start on even the toughest placements.  Using machine learning to identify and recommend candidates that meet the explicit and implicit requirements of the position, as well as the stage and culture of the company, helps to create a strong working candidate list right out of the gate.

Second, a network.  There are thousands of very talented technologists in the workforce. A recruiter may touch hundreds of them each year. Being able to leverage a large community of candidates, references, peers and influencers around any given position helps recruiters to identify and vet candidates and strengthen the short list quickly.  Trusted relationships within the industry, supported by data and access to the firm’s knowledge base, ensures that a partner is identifying only the best candidates for a company’s unique needs.

Third, knowledge.  To confidently identify and recommend technical leaders, recruiters must have sufficient technical knowledge juxtaposed with business acumen including a strong sense of fit. Understanding both the technical skills that are required and the business significance of those skills is an imperative.  This combination of knowledge allows a recruiter to identify candidates that fit the culture and the mission, and who can drive the company’s product vision to help it achieve its greatest success. In today’s world, the technical and business skills are two sides of the same coin. Both are essential for a successful placement that creates long term value for all concerned.

I am pleased to add four new partners to our proven bench: Isa Guardalabene, Jason Hann, Sandy Ma, and Sophie Thomas. Over the last seventeen years, we have honed our collective skills by leveraging our proprietary technology, building a vast network of technical leaders who are inventing new products and driving digital transformation, and our shared knowledge about how companies work and grow.  The result is a great team that is able to meet the challenge of placing some of the most pivotal leaders in today’s most important companies.

Congratulations Isa, Jason, Sandy and Sophie.  You’ve earned it!

Riviera Partners Closes 2018 with 50 Percent Growth

SAN FRANCISCO -- March 20, 2019 – Riviera Partners, the leading retained search firm specializing in VP and C-level engineering, product and design leader placements, today summarized its 2018 performance with 50 percent growth, aggressive expansion in New York, and the appointment of four seasoned recruiters as partners. Riviera Partners is sought after by companies whose success depends on transformative use of technology.  With its focus on technology leadership, Riviera is able to reduce risk and accelerate the time to hire for these organizations.

Unlike traditional executive placement firms, Riviera Partners leverages a state-of-the-art, proprietary software and artificial intelligence platform to recommend  the most relevant candidates for career opportunities. The platform uses machine learning algorithms, which are trained against decades of technology recruiting experience and data, to identify specialized, highly-qualified candidates and their key success indicators that fit an organization's explicit and implicit needs.

In order to meet increasing market demands, the company also promoted four key directors to partner including Isa Guardalabene, Jason Hann, Sandy Ma, and Sophie Thomas. The move will support Riviera Partners aggressive growth and the company’s strong belief that organic team development equates to long term success.

“This group of technology veterans are on the front lines when it comes to market trends and emerging technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s most successful companies,” said Will Hunsinger, CEO, Riviera Partners. “Their expertise and relentless focus on excellent client services, combined with our proprietary recommendation engine, allows them to quickly identify, engage and place the most qualified candidates in critical roles.”

The 3 biggest recruitment challenges facing CTOs

International Women's Day Brings Awareness

In November 2017, I wrote this blog post about how to build diverse and inclusive teams. Today, on International Woman’s Day 2019, I have paused to take inventory of where we are as a culture and especially in the tech industry. Based on recent  reports from SVB, IBM and Trust Radius, it’s clear that we still have work to do. Real change requires more than good intentions.

According to IBM, about twelve percent of organizations are “First Movers” in creating diverse workforces and leadership teams.  They’re achieving great results!

What about the other 88% of workforces? Many seem to be aware and interested in creating a diverse workforce, but desire needs to turn into action.

There are many other statistics out there, but they all point to the fact that real change takes work, and time. Many believe that real change in the workforce begins with change in culture, family dynamics and media as well as just in the workplace.  

As a recruiter who is focused on placing the most qualified engineering and technology leaders in today’s fast-moving companies, I find that there still are fewer women in leadership roles. The  questions from my blog post in 2017 still apply.

What are you doing to prove your environment is diverse and inclusive?

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, I am encouraged by the awareness across companies of every description, and especially in the technology industry.  And, I’m reminded that real change takes real effort and time for new norms to surface across society. I look forward to seeing what a difference we can make by International Women’s Day 2020.

The 3 Characteristics of Elite Executive Search Partners

In my 17+ years in the space, I’ve never seen the market more competitive. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the best firms find the right talent. Executive search firms need to have the access and insight to identify, attract and hire talent. But what sets the elite firms apart? Even more important, what firm will be the best partner for your search?

Riviera Partners works with some of the most talented, innovative, and transformative companies on the planet. Here’s what they say sets us apart:

1. Specialization

Focus is fundamental to executive search, after all, there are no generalist technology leaders. Specialization is equally important with your search partner. You want a firm with decades of experience in the functional domain in which you need to hire. In engineering, product and design searches, demonstrated achievement is as important as leadership experience...this applies to both candidates and your executive search partner.

2. Strong Cultural Values

Most firms have a corporate mission statement, but only the best firms clearly demonstrate their cultural values. The four core values most important at Riviera Partners are empathy, transparency, grit and pride. They allow us to deliver the best service and experience to help companies and people reach their potential. We look for these qualities in new our new hires, corporate partners, and candidates. We also foster them in our employees. 

3. Man & Machine

Human is the man, technology is the machine. Man is investigative, creative, and collaborative. It’s trust, experience, and ability. Machine is turning data into action, uncovering new insights, enabling collaboration, and increasing velocity. Elite firms know how to strike a balance between man and machine.  Over the past 17 years, we’ve been committed to finding the right people and systems to make this goal a reality.

The primary directive for any executive search is to find you the right candidate as quickly as possible utilizing access and insight. Specialization, strong values, man & machine are the factors that separate the great from the good. Be sure to identify these in your next executive search partner.