A Look Back at Recruiting in Q3

In our latest newsletter, we share the highlights of the passed quarter and share some insight into what we're working on!

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Client News This Week

The Giants just won the World Series and our clients are winning as well! Riviera hopes that everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween as a reward for the hard work!

Groupon Q3 Beats The Street On Sales Of $757.1M, EPS Of $0.03


SwiftStack Raises $16M For Its Enterprise Object Storage Service


Minted gets $38M more for its designer stationary and home goods marketplace


Uber and Foursquare cofounders help launch a dining concierge


A clue to Pinterest’s growth plan can be found in the company’s new profile page design



Business Insider - The $5 Billion Startup Club: The 9 Highest Valued Startups That You Should Definitely Keep An Eye On

5 of our clients were named in Business Insider's "The $5 Billion Startup Club: The 9 Highest Valued Startups That You Should Definitely Keep An Eye On" article! Riviera Partners is extremely excited to work with such amazing companies and can not wait to help in their future success! We are also working with other companies on their way to big valuations of their own. In addition, we also welcome new clients who are looking to expand their horizons with the best talent around.

Read the full article here


BI $5B ClubOur amazing

clients are listed below:

#9 Pinterest: “A visual discovery tool”

Valuation: $5 billion


#6 Palantir: “Products built for a purpose”

Valuation: $9.3 billion


#3 Dropbox: “Your stuff, anywhere”

Valuation: $10 billion


#2 Airbnb: “Welcome home”

Valuation: $10 billion


#1 Uber: “Moving people”

Valuation: $18.2 billion




Client News This Week

As our neighbors, The San Francisco Giants, are trying to hit it out of the park for the World Series, our clients are scoring home runs!

Twilio Project Turns 2048 Into A Multiplayer Game That You Play By Text


Uber Partners With Vaccine Finder To Bring A Free Flu Shot To You


Life360 Acquires Two-Month-Old HelloWorld


Yahoo In Talks To Buy Video Ad Platform BrightRoll For Around $700M


Recurly takes $12M to end your software subscription headaches


A startup called Argyle Data has released its fraud detection software



Client News This Week

With another great week at work, Riviera would like to thank our amazing clients! Keep up the hard work!

TC Cribs: Eventbrite’s New Bright And Shiny HQ


Cloudera now lets you manage cloud instances just like the real thing


Pivotal and EMC are betting on Spark cousin Tachyon as in-memory file system


Loggly lands $15M as it continues to push application performance


Birst, SAP Join Forces as Big Firms Move Into Business Intelligence


SocalTech - Attracting Bay Area Tech Talent to Southern California

It's a big, wide tech world out there and not all of it is based in the Silicon Valley. In fact, our neighbors to the south in Los Angeles have been experiencing a burgeoning technology ecosystem as of late, with more public offerings, more financing rounds and more hiring. While it used to be a bit of a challenge to get Bay Area engineering talent to make the move southward, it's getting easier these days. Still, it's no cakewalk. For tips on attracting SF talent to LA, check out Riviera Partner Eric Larson's latest article on SoCalTech.com.

(SocalTech) - Attracting Bay Area Tech Talent to Southern California.: It's Not as Hard as You Think

The greater Los Angeles area is on a phenomenal roll in terms of movement in the tech space. We're seeing more and more public offerings; exciting activity in the music, media and entertainment space; an expanding pool of tech talent; and, more recently, several high caliber acquisitions and financing rounds, all of which will really help the whole ecosystem grow. Given all that, it's not as tough as you might think to get Bay Area based tech talent to make the move down south--and get them to stay here. In fact, I've observed a 100-percent retention rate for all of the placements who have relocated over the past couple of years. Here's how to get them in the door:

Start with a comparable salary

It doesn't matter if the cost of living in Southern California is less than the Bay Area; a top quality candidate is going to want to see a comp package comparable to what he or she is already receiving. You don't necessarily need to offer more, but definitely keep things even. The same goes for companies in Chicago, New York and so on.

Read the full article here...

Client News This Week

Even though winter is coming our clients are not cooling down. New products, partnerships, and much more this week!

Mobile Ad Startup AppLovin Acquires German Ad Network Moboqo


Google’s Conversational Search Gets Smarter, Adds OpenTable Integration


Weebly Debuts An iPad App For Building And Managing


Polyvore Gets Personalized With A New iPhone App Featuring “Just For You” Style Suggestions


Highfive Turns Any Room Into A Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Room For $799


Pinterest Curates Its Own Content With New Weekly Collections Called “Pin Picks”




HC Online - Using Big Data to Evaluate Cultural Fit

The potential to optimize the recruiting funnel by leveraging big data appears incredibly promising. As technology advances, the ability to derive meaning from different data sets concerning candidate information during the recruiting process can help provide clarity to employers and create better hires. However, is it possible to rely on data and technology alone? In an article with HC Online, Ali Behnam shares a quick thought of his own on the subject matter.

(HC Online) - Using ‘Big Data’ to Evaluate Cultural Fit

Reviewing a CV to evaluate a job seeker’s credentials and experience is becoming perfectly provincial to some employers, who choose to vet their applicants using ‘big data’ in a big way.

A number of organisations are moving beyond automatic keyword matching by using more sophisticated analyses, such as recruitment technology firm Electronic Insight.

The firm doesn't look at an applicant’s skills, career history and experience when analysing CVs on behalf of clients. In fact, instead of analysing what the applicant is saying, they analyse how they say it.

“We just look at what people write and how they structure their sentences,” Marc Mapes, Electronic Insight’s chief innovation officer, told BBC News Business.

Read the full article here...

Inc. - Meet The Next Generation of Job Search Sites

Where will the future of recruiting take us next? Will technology and data replace the traditional means of cold calls and manual resume reviews? One thing we do know is that the market certainly appears bullish when it comes to devising a tech-forward way to take the headache out of recruiting. Michael Morell shares a few of his thoughts about the future of the industry in a post published by Inc. concerning the role of human interaction and the importance it will play throughout the process as more companies look to derive a tech-only approach.

(Inc.) - Meet The Next Generation of Job Search Sites

Ten years ago, searching for jobs on the Web was no better than skimming the classifieds. Now, a handful of new sites are trying to fix that.

"We don't want to show you 1,000 matches and have you rate them Tinder-style," says Poachable co-founder Tom Leung. "We want you to hear from us five to six times a year because we only have spot-on matches for you."

Perhaps my most vivid post-college memory is of filling out my profile on Monster.com. I was working as a hostess at McCormick & Schmick's and my father's suggestion that I "get a real job" was starting to sound pretty reasonable.

Read the full article here...


Client News This Week

With new products,  funding, and much more our clients sure started October off right!

Capital One Debuts A New Mobile Wallet App, Designed To Work With Apple Pay


Houzz Raises $165M Series D Funding Round Led By Sequoia To Fuel International Expansion


JibJab Jumps Into Selfie Gifs With New Messaging App


TC Cribs: Ticketfly, Where Meetings Morph Into Impromptu Jam Sessions


Tango Music Pix Returns For Its Official Launch


Kahuna Plans To Avoid “Wrist Fatigue” With New Algorithm For Smartwatch App Notifications