A Look Back at Recruiting in Q1

The first quarter of 2014 came and went, here at Riviera. We welcomed a variety of new faces to help us pursue our quest to deliver the best service and experience, and help people and companies reach their full potential. In this issue, we recap our recent endeavors in helping to expand the greater expansion of the developer community, take a closer look at the great people that power Riviera, and highlight some huge wins from our clients. Read our full newsletter below:

Washington Post - How Your Company Can Find and Recruit the Best Job Candidates

Riviera was recently mentioned in an article relating to the changing nature of recruiting. The article featured in The Washington Post discusses the evolution of traditional recruiting processes and the new way technology is steering an industry.

(The Washington Post) - Small business guide: How your company can find and recruit the best job candidates

New technology has made it easier to connect with friends and family, co-workers and customers, even when they’re halfway around the world.

But what about connecting with job candidates?

“I hear it from so many small businesses, that hiring is just a nightmare for them,” said Brian Sutter, director of marketing for San Francisco-based Wasp Barcode Technologies, a software and technology company that works with small businesses. “But you’re starting to see some big data tools and Web services that are attacking that problem.”

Here are some of the ways employers are moving past help-wanted ads and career fairs:

Read the full article here...

Meet the Newest Partner - Sam Wholley

Recently, we inducted four new partners at Riviera, each of whom will be instrumental in the growth of the company and improving our overall recruiting experience. We’ll be sitting down with each of them over the coming weeks to chat with them on the impact of their new roles, and dig into the inner workings of their brains. First up: Sam Wholley.

Client News This Week

In this week's recap, we highlight clients who have introduced new products, entered new markets, and taken on additional funding to continue scaling!

Uber celebrates its introduction into 100 cities around the world

Pinterest hits 30 billion total pins, up 50% in 6 months and launches two new features, Guided Search and Custom Categories this week.

Weebly, a website building platform, raises $35 million in Series C funding.

Birchbox, which sells $10 curated boxes of beauty samples to around 800,000 subscribers, raises $60 million in Series B funding.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Job Hunt

By Wendy Saccuzzo, Career Development Specialist at Riviera Partners & Director of Career Development at Women Who Code.  Follow me on Twitter @wendyhays11.

If done correctly, representing yourself on social media is a great way to build your personal brand, which can really highlight your capabilities and areas of expertise. So it’s worth investing some time to get your profile looking top notch. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re polishing your social presence, the first being that LinkedIn is by far the most important of the profiles when it comes to your career. On average, there are ten thousand possibilities of people finding you through connections on LinkedIn.

Remember LinkedIn might be your first impression with a potential employer and start with the basics: spelling and grammar. Ask someone to proofread your profile for you (and offer to do the same for them). This is a professional forum, and people notice the little details.

Proper keywording is also very important. Spend some time brainstorming what your keywords are, and what the hot skills are for your line of work. Make sure those are represented in your profile so they’ll come up in searches. You may get contacted frequently by recruiters for opportunities that don’t fit your career goals due to outdated keywords. Focus your profile on what you are working toward to get better results.

Another tip: don’t just provide a list of experience; the summary at the top provides an excellent field for you to pitch yourself, and a chance to focus your profile on where you want your career to go. A well-written summary can really make a positive impression.

Finally, don’t downplay areas of expertise--own it. If you’ve been developing a skill for a year or more, sell your experience as intermediate rather than beginner.

Once you’ve got your LinkedIn profile double-checked and ready to show off, it might be worth exploring Twitter as well. It can be a useful tool for sharing your knowledge in a particular area, especially if you have a niche. Just make sure you keep your personal brand consistent across all forms of social media, and that you’re represented accurately.

And remember: always have a professional photo. The buzz on the internet is to consider black and white versus color to garner additional attention.

If you would like to learn more, contact Wendy Saccuzzo for even more insight!

Seize The Moment and Your Opportunity

The older we get, the more conscious we become that we can’t get our time back. Given that, we're always curious as to why too many of the potential candidates we contact shy away from opportunities because they seem too “risky.” Most of these opportunities have a very small window of opportunity. You owe it to yourself to at least work at one startup, so when you’re looking back at the end of your career, there are no regrets.

The reality is that all great companies were once startups. The founders weren’t risk-averse. They thrived on the possibility of great success. We would bet that, with the benefit of hindsight, you would certainly have loved to been called for an early role at companies such as GoogleFacebookYouTubeTwitter, or LinkedIn. Here are some basic thoughts on how to mitigate and assess risk while evaluating an opportunity to join an early-stage deal:

The Unique Selling Proposition

This is a tricky one to assess for startups, because a lot of time they’ll be entering into nascent markets. You probably don’t have the luxury of leveraging data that’s already covered by analysts such as Gartner or IDC. Therefore, what we look at is: who’s backing the company? First-quartile Venture Capital firms such as Sequoia CapitalKleiner PerkinsBenchmark CapitalAccel Partners and Greylock have incredible track records of betting on up-and-coming companies, so as a candidate you can take advantage of all the diligence that these elite firms have done prior to placing their bet on a given startup.

Your Role On The Team

As a candidate, we'd be looking at whether or not an executive management team has the ability to get things done. Where have they been successful in the past? Where will we fit in, and what will our “position” on the team be?

One example is with one of our clients, Zuora. The Co-Founder and CEO, Tien Tzuo, is very strong academically—but beyond that he’d been an early executive at Saleforce.com, where he was the first CMO, working side-by-side with Marc Benioff. Tien had witnessed the explosive growth of Salesforce.com, growing from a small company into a large, public one. And as he built out his executive team at Zuora, he put in place other veterans who had proven, past successes.

Refuse To Be Average

Believe in yourself; trust that you’ll make a big impact in your new role. You don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Andreessen or Mark Hopkins to make a difference at a startup. You probably have the same skills and knowledge, if not more than most of the folks who’ve thrown caution into the wind and joined a startup, so why not you? Work will take up a lot of your life, so don’t waste your time settling for mediocrity.

Out of the Incubator: Spitfire Athlete

Here at Riviera, supporting the tech community is high on our list of priorities, because we want to make sure that innovation in technology doesn’t slow down. We started our Entrepreneurs In Residence program because we know that in order to innovate, people need a space conducive to getting stuff done. The latest to take advantage of this space are Erin Parker and Nidhi Kulkarni, the dynamic ladies behind the recently-launched Spitfire Athlete, which was just written up in TechCrunch.

Spitfire Athlete is a beautifully-designed health and fitness app that helps users focus on specific goals, such as strength, power, physique and flexibility. The app, which has been featured as a Best New App in the app store, includes four-week training courses designed to help you track progress and learn about new exercises.

The creators hope Spitfire Athlete will inspire women to discover new levels of strength and power. In the first week, the app has received more than 10,000 downloads. Join the club and check it out for yourself.