Women Who Code - iOS Build-an-App Workshops

Twice recently Riviera Partners was able to host Women Who Code’s iOS Build-an-App Workshops at our San Francisco headquarters. iOS engineers Michele Titolo, Stephanie Shupe, and Erin Parker lead these free educational workshops for women every Thursday. The event started with iOS Lead Engineer at Circa, Ashley Nelson-Hornstein, giving an inspiring talk about what led her to become a developer including the bumps in the road that almost led her down a different path. Following the talk the women split into pairs to work on tutorials or work independently on their own projects.

Women Who Code is an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring women to pursue and excel in technology careers. Founded in late 2011, the organization has grown to over 4000 members strong. We are known for our free weekly technical study groups and larger monthly events including tech talks, hack nights, and career trainings. More than 70 top tech companies including Square, Twitter, Github, Heroku, Yelp, and many more have sponsored events for the popular and growing organization.

Riviera is proud to sponsor Women Who Code and the effort supports our mission to back organizations working to increase the number of engineers and specifically underrepresented groups. This goal has also led us to work with great organizations like Code2040 and Level Playing Field Institute.

For more information visit http://womenwhocode.com


Inc. - Meet a Start-Up With a Big Data Approach to Hiring

The technology industry is booming thanks to the waves of new startups cropping up on a seemingly daily basis. And there’s no shortage of skilled candidates to fill the positions required to get these companies up and running. So why is hiring so difficult? The problem is that the recruiting process is broken. Luckily, there’s good news on the horizon - companies are starting to leverage technology to keep up the speed of today's workforce.

Over the last two years, Riviera has helped incubate an exciting, new service called Whitetruffle, a tech recruiting platform that allows companies to source job candidates at no cost. Riviera's founders Michael Morell and Ali Behnam partnered with Whitetruffle CEO Alex Deve to devise a different way to help startups find engineering talent. There was a collective recognition between the three of them that the recruiting process had much to gain by capitalizing on today's technology advancements. Guided by an idea of what could be done to change the space, Whitetruffle was born. Today, Whitetruffle’s proprietary technology scans about 50 categories of signals in candidate profiles and job requirements to ensure that the right candidate is matched with a relevant position. Michael,  Ali and Alex sat down with Inc. to discuss the new platform.

(Inc.) - Meet a Start-Up With a Big Data Approach to Hiring

A recent survey from Silicon Valley Bank asked start-up founders and technology executives to name their biggest challenges. About 90 percent listed "finding talent" among their chief concerns.

It makes sense. In Silicon Valley, the life and death of your start-up can literally depend on your earliest hires. Unfortunately, the process of finding them--using recruiters, job boards, LinkedIn, or even word of mouth--isn't always easy.

Alex Deve, the co-founder and CEO of Whitetruffle, an 8-person start-up in San Francisco, thinks he can change that. How? The answer, he says, is in the cloud.

"Our vision is to become almost like a Pandora for hiring," says Deve. "We can serve both candidates and companies what they really like."

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InformationWeek - How To Land Your First IT Job

Hiring in the technology sector is booming - engineering salaries continue to rise and the demand for talent has never been higher. With so much buzz around these highly coveted jobs, there is a growing population of workers with limited tech experience who want to break into the tech industry. InformationWeek spoke with Riviera Technical Recruiters Aaron Ho and Joseph Yeh to get some advice on how candidates with non-technical backgrounds can position themselves to land their first job in tech.

(InformationWeek) - How To Land Your First IT Job

Job seekers looking to score their first professional IT gig face a timeless employment conundrum. You can't get the job without experience, but you can't get experience without the job.

"It's hard to differentiate yourself when you don't have prior experience in the tech industry," said Aaron Ho, a technical recruiter with Riviera Partners, via email. That doesn't mean you can't catch that first career break. "Employers that are hiring fresh grads or career changers usually aren't hiring for technical skills. What they are looking for is the ability to think critically and learn quickly. By showing your passion for learning about technology, you can really stand above the crowd."

Ho and his colleague Joseph Yeh shared these ideas for better positioning yourself if your prior IT job experience is limited.

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InformationWeek - 7 Habits Of Well-Rounded IT Pros

Candidates should always be interested in how they can make themselves more attractive to employers - both current and future. With the ever-increasing demand for great talent, it's important to avoid complacency and continually push yourself to reach the upper echelon of desirable talent. In an article published in InformationWeek, Michael Morell and Sam Wholley share a variety of tips to help improve your communications, people and business expertise.

(InformationWeek) - 7 Habits Of Well-Rounded IT Pros

Talented IT pros aren't usually unemployed for long. If you've got in-demand skills, there's a spot for you somewhere. But what if you want more than just a spot? You'll have to get out from behind your desk and round out those IT chops with a wider set of skills.

"With technology as pervasive as it has become, it is no longer enough to be an 'IT person,'" Sam Wholley, a principal with IT recruiter Riviera Partners, said via email. "Knowing the best firewall, the best integration platform, or the best solid-state storage is a requisite, but to be valued for [your] expertise, take time to be introspective about what you bring to the table."

A good place to start: Learn to talk to people. You'll be hard-pressed to move up the corporate ranks -- or even to secure a position you're already happy in -- if you can't communicate what you want and why you deserve it.

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TechCrunch Disrupt - Value Added Services and VC Talent Partners

This week  marked TechCrunch’s annual TC Disrupt in San Francisco. One of the many panels to take place at the event was The Investor Perspective, which featured execs from Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Sequoia and Index talking about the relative merits of value-added services performed by VC firms.

Unsurprisingly, recruiting was a hot topic among the people that fund startups. Many VC firms are starting to employ talent partners to help the companies in their portfolios find and hire the right talent, particularly at the executive level. These partners oftentimes reach out to firms like Riviera to help manage the search process, and we can then help them to find the best hires. But, as Mike Volpii of Index Ventures astutely points out in the panel discussion, do VC firms really need talent partners if they’re not doing the actual recruiting?

In reality, the VC talent partners’ value add doesn't necessarily lie in performing the actual process of recruiting for the companies. Rather, his or her job is to ensure the founders are properly guided to find the best talent to help them grow. By partnering with Riviera, together we are able to surface great candidates in a highly efficient manner, make quicker matches, and leverage the VC relationships to close candidates quicker. And that means startups can get on with business, which is good for everyone. Watch the conversation below:



Finding Your Work-Life Balance

A lot of technical professions, particularly engineering are becoming increasingly demanding. Engineers, software developers and IT experts, especially at startups, are spending many hours in their offices and work stations trying to fulfill their individual professional goals. Regardless of how much time you spend working, the workload never seems to reduce. In today's working environment, it's becoming very easy to get caught up in to-do's and not realize the impact that this might have on your life as time set aside for family, friends and yourself reduces.

All work and no play can decrease your efficiency at work as well. The best way to increase your alertness and rejuvenate your working energy is ensuring that you have sufficient rest and personal time. You don’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy life; it's possible to enjoy life and still meet your professional goals. Here are some critical tips to help you maintain a healthy work/life balance:

Make Time for Your Hobby

Engineering is very challenging, especially when you are faced with an enormous workload. Consequently, it is becoming more commonplace for engineers to find themselves dropping their interests and their respective hobbies for focusing more on their professional tasks. Your activities and hobbies however, shouldn't be considered as a hindrance to your work but rather an energizing factor. Making time for your interests is an excellent way to unwind after a hard days’ work - doing so will help you unwind and spur creativity. If you find that your hobby is too time-consuming to pursue during the week, be conscious of making time for it over the weekend instead of scavenging for available hours after work.

Cut Your Unproductive Working Hours

Marilyn Puder-York, a famous New York executive coach and PhD psychologist, says that a significant number of people waste a lot of time at work on unproductive activities. This subsequently decreases their productivity and forces them to increase the number of hours they work in a week to complete their tasks.

It’s advisable to take short resting periods at intervals throughout the day. However, the periods should not be prolonged and spent on unproductive activities. Maintaining focus during your working hours will help you complete your tasks faster and consequently minimize your office hours.

Accept New Tasks Only After Re-Assessing the Uncompleted Ones

Industrious engineers often find it hard to reject new tasks particularly when they want to prove their expertise. New tasks, however, shouldn't be blindly accepted especially when several are yet to be completed. If you are approached with a new task, take time to assess the priority and time required for your respective tasks before making a decision. It is important to earn your place in the startup environment; under-delivering on your specific tasks because your plate is too full is a poor excuse.

Finally, ensure that you prepare a timetable for your working, resting and relaxation hours. Adhering to it will help you effectively organize your days and weeks in such a way that you have sufficient time for work and other activities.

The Accelerators - Winning the Talent War

In this week's The Accelerators blog column of the Wall Street Journal, guest mentors were sharing their thoughts about where to find the best talent - at home or abroad. Riviera Co-Founder Michael A. Morell took the conversation one step further and discusses what it takes to acquire that top talent - regardless of location. In his post, he discusses five key tips which will help growing companies position themselves to attract and retain top talent.

(WSJ - The Accelerators) - Michael A. Morell: Winning the Talent War

Make no mistake, the war for talent is real. With business booming, finding the right talent on the busy battlefield that is the hiring market can be a challenge whether you’re searching in the United States or further afield. So how can you aggressively and successfully retain the “best and brightest” in tech, no matter where you’re searching?

This is particularly tough for startup companies that typically have shallower pockets and less brand recognition than larger corporations. The key is to be both deliberate and creative to nab the most in-demand developers and engineering talent. It’s also important to take a step back and consider whether a potential hire is really the best fit; make sure this is the case by specifically defining what you’re looking for in advance.

Consider these five tips to attract top talent anywhere in the world:

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Riviera Partners Named #1133 To The Inc. 500 | 5000 List

We are proud to announce that for the third year in a row, Riviera Partners has been named to the Inc. 500 | 5000 list. Last year, we earned the ranking of the 1253rd fastest-growing company in America – a huge leap (1000+) from our 2011 ranking. With continued growth and an increasing client base, we are pleased to announce that this year, Riviera earned the 1133th spot as the fastest-growing company this year. We were also pleased to be recognized as No. 61 company in the San Francisco Metro Area. As an Inc. 5000 honoree, Riviera Partners shares this prestigious recognition among a variety of our trusted clients as well: Fuzebox, TubeMogul, Xoom, and Yapstone to name a few.

While we press on toward growing our business to better serve the talent needs of the next waves of innovative technology companies, we are continually looking for ways to improve our services. 2013 has already been a very exciting year for us:  we have opened a new office in New York, built out our practice in Los Angeles, hired continually throughout the year, developed a variety of new tools, and continue to provide services to some of the hottest tech companies around. We are incredibly happy to be a part of the blossoming tech scene and look forward to continuing to provide the best recruiting service and experience.

September Drinkup at Riviera Partners

We're hosting a Drinkup in our San Francisco office and we'd love for you to show up. If you're a part of the tech community, com on down and join us at 185 Berry Street Lobby 3 Suite 2400 (the office with the Bay view) at 5:30pm on Thursday, September 5th and enjoy some great conversation and craft cocktails by award winning bartender, Ethan Terry (AQ Restaurant, Heaven's Dog, Alembic)!


5:30 - Thursday, September 5th



185 Berry Street, Lobby 3, Suite 2400