2013 Q2: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

We dove into our data from last quarter to get a glimpse of the state of engineering salaries within the Bay Area in 2013. We noticed that salaries continue to trend slightly higher than their previous averages from a year ago, but were otherwise on par with our expectations. Our clients can't seem to hire great tech talent fast enough, and the market continues to thrive while innovation flourishes. Lots of good things in Q2 and we're looking for another strong Q3. Check out our findings in our analysis below:

A Look Back at Recruiting in Q2

Half of 2013 already in the books and thing things are firing on all cylinders. In our quarterly newsletter, Chief Operating Officer John Simonelli shares his take on the current market conditions, our recruiters share some unique hiring tips, and we take a look back at a few of our recruiting accomplishments from Q2. Read our full newsletter below:

The Accelerators - Two Is Company, Three’s a Crowd

We are regular followers of the Wall Street Journal's entrepreneurial blog The Accelerators. When we came across this week's discussion, "The Pros and Cons of Co-Founders," our own Co-Founder, Michael A. Morell had a few words of wisdom to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs. In a guest article shared with The Accelerators, Michael retells the founding history of Riviera Partners as well as the dynamics between he and Ali that has helped the company grow and thrive. Throughout the post he discusses the challenges surrounding growing a business  and highlights key moments when having two different perspectives can help keep the company dream alive.

(WSJ - The Accelerators) - GUEST MENTOR,  Michael A. Morell, co-founder of Riviera Partners: If I started a business all over again, I wouldn’t go at it alone. When you’re an army of one, it’s hard to be successful on execution. If you have two sets of eyes on a problem it’s always better than one. But for us, three ended up being too many.

Too Many Cooks

Our company started out with three founders, and there were benefits to that. We all had very different backgrounds and skills that were still synergistic. We settled on unexpected solutions to problems, which benefited business in the beginning. The problem was that we had varying levels of seniority, so the group was unbalanced. But most of the struggle came from the fact that any decision was either unanimous or two against one, and the latter leads to some weird dynamics.

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Hiring A Key Executive – Tips For The Hands-On CEO

Ali Behnam recently shared a few thoughts with Young Upstarts, a site covering small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurism, discussing the significance that CEO's play when it comes to landing great talent. As a specialist in executive search for 10+ years, Ali has worked with hundreds of CEO's with unique talent acquisition needs and shares some best practices which have played a significant role in helping drive effective searches. He highlights 5 key traits that CEO's should embrace to help companies attract and close on great executive talent.

(Young Upstarts) - The new hire process, particularly at the executive level, is a significant decision and can be quite involved. While there are a number of factors in play which combine to impact the recruiting and hiring process, there is one constant that drives the process of the search – the CEO always sets the tone.

And there are some key factors that need to be taken into consideration for CEO's facilitating a successful search:

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SKOUT and Riviera Team Up for Casino Royale Night

Recently, Riviera Partners teamed up with the social tech startup SKOUT to present a Casino Royale Night. The event was hosted at SKOUT’s new office in SOMA with a stunning view of the Bay Bridge.

Sushi and a mixologist that made a mean Vesper Martini started the evening off and professional dealers were slinging Black Jack, Texas Holdem, and Roulette.  Riviera Partners and SKOUT were both well represented and one could easily have been sitting at a card table with SKOUT’s VP of Engineering, Greg Burch.

Big thanks to the SKOUT team for opening up their office for such a fun event.  More photos are available at the Riviera Partners Facebook page.

Happy 4th (3rd) of July From Riviera

We're sporting Team USA colors in the office in anticipation of tomorrow - hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!

Happy 4th, 'Murica!

TechWeek Chicago 2013

Last week, Eric Larson, Partner here at Riviera, spent some time exploring the growing tech scene of Chicago. With an eye towards building a holistic view of the developing world of startup tech, the event proved to be loaded with great insights and a variety of new ideas. Friends of the firm at kCura, a leader in e-discovery software, set up a lounge for meet and greets with the team and fellow entrepreneurs and also hosted TechWeek's "dev_summit." The experience proved that tech is thriving across the country; exciting new ventures are popping up all over the map and entrepreneurs may not be tethered to proximity requirements to Silicon Valley as they once were.

TechWeek Chicago 2013

A few articles worth reading from the event:

 About TechWeek Chicago: TechWeek showcases the technology renaissance evolving in Chicago and the Midwest. Within 3 days, participants experience the life cycle of an emerging technology business – from idea to scale. Discover how companies like Groupon, Threadless, Orbitz, 37Signals, and many more started and grew to succeed in the heart of the Midwest.