Riviera Makes an Appearance at Fluent Conference

This week Riviera Marketing Manager, Alaina Percival, took the stage at Fluent Conference’s women’s communities event. Alaina manages an organization called Women Who Code, a group dedicated to inspiring women to pursue and excel in technology careers. Women Who Code has more than 3000 members in the Bay Area and runs weekly study groups teaching women programming languages and larger monthly events like hack nights and career trainings.

Fluent is an O’Reilly conference in downtown San Francisco that gives developers working with JavaScript, HTML and other Web technologies a place to gather and learn from each other.

June Drink Up at Riviera Partners

We’re hosting a Drink Up in our San Francisco office and we'd love for you to show up. If you’re a part of the local tech community, come on down and join us at 185 Berry Street Lobby 3 Suite 2400 (the office with the Bay view) at 5:00pm on Thursday, June 6th and enjoy some great conversation and craft cocktails by award winning bartender, Ethan Terry (AQ Restaurant, Cocktail Lab, Heaven's Dog)!


5:00pm — Thursday, June 6th.


185 Berry Street, Lobby 3, Suite 2400

Code2040 Internship Workshop with Adam Ward of Facebook

Last week, Riviera hosted a Code2040 Internship Workshop. Code2040 was founded by Tristan Walker, formerly of FourSquare and now Entrepreneur in Residence at Andreessen Horowitz. The non-profit organization brings minority engineering talent to Silicon Valley for summer internships and career training that puts them on a path to success in the tech industry.

The Internship Workshop was an event for the hiring managers and HR representatives from host companies. Adam Ward, Director of University Recruiting at Facebook, spoke about issues faced by minorities in tech, integrating interns into existing work environments, and setting project, work, goals, and milestones.

Riviera was proud to host and sponsor the evening with Code2040. All our charitable efforts target supporting organizations that work to increase the number of engineers and specifically underrepresented groups. This charitable mission has lead us to work with other great organizations like Women Who Code and Level Playing Field Institute as well.

For more information visit http://code2040.org/

Evolve or Dissolve – Culture, Technology & Employees

The Information Age has changed everything.

No matter which business sector a company is in, it needs to become a technology company to survive -- and the Culture needs to change right along with it.

Five decades ago, the average S & P company's life spanned for more than 50 years.  Today that same average is 25 years and shrinking. Why? It's likely these companies haven’t adapted to the evolutionary shift into the Information Age…and because of this, are dissolving.

For the companies that are evolving, they understand this shift and have embraced it. The future IS technology and since there will be an ever increasing demand for those who can create it, aligning a company's workplace Culture to adapt to this expanding need is a must.

Let’s look at the Truth

Developers, engineers and others in technology do their “magic” and work on electronic devices which don’t restrict them to location or geography.

The Real World

I am involved with a technology startup that has “task based” Culture. The entire team meets once a week at a central location to “physically” collaborate and then they go their separate ways to handle business items needing handling. I asked one of the developers how he liked the Culture and he said, “I love it, mostly because I wake up with my computer and go to sleep with it. But when I have to get dressed up and commute to an office, it’s a distraction”.

In another company I advise, the Leadership doesn't care if their employees work from the Moon, as long as they meet the expectations that were set by both parties.

So unless an employee has to physically make or create something, interact with another or customers, cook a meal or punch a ticket, there is no longer a solid reason for them to be inside a company, working together.

And when we take in consideration that Autonomy is #2 on the list of the wants, needs and demands of employee’s today (right behind # 1 – Purpose), companies may want to think twice about not allowing telecommuting or working remotely to help attract and retain top talent.

Rationale for not Evolving

Some say that speed and efficiency is lost while telecommuting or working remotely. Could be, but only if the processes, procedures and expectations aren't properly set.

And others say communication and relationships are sacrificed. Maybe back in the day, but the people I know communicate, build and form relationships on electronic devices a lot more than by meeting in one location and talking face to face.

We are not saying there isn't value in speed, efficiency, communication and relationships within an organization; because there is. However, the value of liberty and autonomy that we all enjoy in the Information Age has tipped the scales.

So does telecommuting or remote work need to be 100% or nothing? No, any adaptation will be appreciated and then naturally evolve over time.

Remember, it’s the Information Age that has shaped the way we do things in our private lives. Naturally, our work lives should at least allow us the same liberty and autonomy, especially when our work does not restrict us to location or geography.

Bottom Line

Companies that will evolve in the Information Age will do so, by allowing telecommuting and working remotely to be part of their Culture.

After all, it is in alignment with: 1) the wants, needs and demands of the employee in the ever increasing war for talent; 2) decreasing the need for companies to provide workspace, and: 3) helping save the time and costs of commuting for the employee– not to mention, decreasing the carbon footprint – all helping to make the world a better place.

2013 Q1: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

We dove into our data from last quarter to get a glimpse of the state of engineering salaries within the Bay Area in 2013. As we expected,we didn't encounter any major surprises - our findings were pretty much on par with what we were expecting to see. The numbers are still demonstrating that there is still plenty of opportunity for top tech talent in the thriving startup marketplace and early indicators from Q2 aren't showing signs of changing.

Check out our findings in our analysis below:

Riviera's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

We’re hosting a Fiesta in our San Francisco office this Thursday, and we'd love for you to show up. If you’re a part of the local tech community, come on down and join us at 185 Berry Street Lobby 3 Suite 2400 (the office with the Bay view) at 4:30 pm on Thursday, May 2nd and enjoy some great conversation and tequila beverages crafted by award winning bartender, Ethan Terry (AQ Restaurant, Cocktail Lab, Heaven's Dog)!


4:30pm — Thursday, May 2nd.


185 Berry Street, Lobby 3, Suite 2400.