Panel Delivers Diverse Perspectives on Leadership Team Building

By all accounts, TiEcon 2012, was a success, with more than 3,000 people gathering to discuss a variety of topics on entrepreneurship and business startups.

Riviera Partners’ Kevin Buckby served as a panelist for http://“Building Winning Leadership Teams—Critical to Success of Startups”, which drew nearly 400 attendees. He was joined on the panel by executives from RiseSmart, Franklin Templeton, Jobite, Mozilla, and Cetas.

“The panel solicited intriguing questions and lively discussion on what it takes to put a strong leadership team in place, both from a hiring and execution standpoint,” Kevin said. “Attendees were also interested in how to effectively integrate executive recruits into the business and get them to work together as a unified team.”

One question that generated diverse perspectives from the panelists was “Should we hire for today, or for tomorrow?” That is, do you focus on individuals who can help achieve your company’s immediate goals and objectives, or executives who can scale over time to deliver a long-range strategy?

“While there were differing opinions among panelists, there was consensus that you must balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities,” Kevin said.
Another interesting topic that arose during the panel was around organizational culture, and whether companies should bring in folks to build a new culture, or hire people who fit into—and can help grow—an existing culture.

“Overall it was a quality session with insightful takeaways for the audience,” Kevin said. “I’m privileged to have participated with a talented group of panelists and shared my perspectives on what it takes to build a winning leadership team.”

TiEcon 2012: Kevin Buckby To Discuss Leadership Team Building

This weekend, May 18-19, 2012, Riviera Partners will be attending TiEcon 2012, dubbed “the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs.” The event brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives and thought leaders to network and share ideas on a range of topics.

Specifically, Riviera Partners’ Kevin Buckby will speak on an Entrepreneurship Panel titled “Building Winning Leadership Teams—Critical to Success of Startups” taking place Saturday, May 19, from 10-11 a.m. Kevin will be joined by industry peers from leading financial, recruiting, and technology companies who have built and helped build world-class teams throughout their careers.

To compete successfully in today’s “war for talent,” companies must apply the same rigor to their executive recruiting processes as they do to their business plans, market strategies, and operational procedures. Kevin and his fellow panelists will share their diverse insights and perspectives on evaluating leadership candidates, lessons learned from their team building experiences, and tips for attracting and retaining top executive talent.

If you’re attending TiEcon 2012, consider attending this important session. Regardless, be sure to check our blog next week for a recap of the panel and event.

2012 Q1: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

With a constant eye on the technical talent market, we have compiled our latest engineering salaries from Q1 data in 2012. As a measure of comparison, we have also included some of our previous data points from the earlier quarters of 2011 to help paint a better picture of trending market conditions. Nonetheless, the numbers still continue to impress and demonstrate the heightened demand for talented software engineers and developers in the Valley.

Q1 2012 Engineering Salaries