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Posted on Jan 17, 2012

2011 Q3: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

We took a look at the placement data that we gathered from the third quarter of 2011 and compared it to data we previously ran from the quarter before regarding engineering salaries. While our findings weren’t surprising, it was interesting to compare them side by side. We summarized our findings in the graphic below, and the data suggests that Silicon Valley is still firing on all cylinders. We looked at several different categories including:

1. Average salary of an engineer in relation to a startup’s current company funding stage

2. Average salary differences between placements from Q2 and Q3

3. Average salary of an engineer in relation to where they received their degree

4. Average salary of an engineer in comparison to their years of engineering experience

5. Average salary increase of an engineer after joining a startup

6. Average number of companies competing for each qualified candidate

7. Average time elapsed between a candidate’s application and their hiring

8. Breakdown of where in the Bay Area Riviera’s placements were occurring

Stay tuned as we will be compiling more data very soon!

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