It should be no secret by now that hiring the right person for the right job is the single most important thing a founder can do, and in highly competitive areas like Silicon Valley, it all comes down to having a well managed hiring process. Read on for the top five best practices to improve your approach to hiring, with tips from our own Austin Brizendine and Thor Bucy, as told by venture capitalist Carl Fritjofsson of Creandum.

(Medium via Creandum, Carl Fritjoffson) Winning the war for talent — 5 ways to improve your hiring process

The tech industry in Silicon Valley is one of the world’s most competitive recruiting markets. And hiring the right people for the right job is the single most important thing you do as a founder. So once you’ve prepared yourself and you’re ready to start hiring, how do you actually win the best candidates? Much of this comes down to having a well-managed hiring process. Together with Creandum’s friends at the Bay Area search firms Riviera Partners and True. in this post I’ve tried to highlight some important learnings and best practices to use to improve your hiring process.

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