Last week, Eric Larson, Partner here at Riviera, spent some time exploring the growing tech scene of Chicago. With an eye towards building a holistic view of the developing world of startup tech, the event proved to be loaded with great insights and a variety of new ideas. Friends of the firm at kCura, a leader in e-discovery software, set up a lounge for meet and greets with the team and fellow entrepreneurs and also hosted TechWeek’s “dev_summit.” The experience proved that tech is thriving across the country; exciting new ventures are popping up all over the map and entrepreneurs may not be tethered to proximity requirements to Silicon Valley as they once were.

TechWeek Chicago 2013

A few articles worth reading from the event:

 About TechWeek Chicago: TechWeek showcases the technology renaissance evolving in Chicago and the Midwest. Within 3 days, participants experience the life cycle of an emerging technology business – from idea to scale. Discover how companies like Groupon, Threadless, Orbitz, 37Signals, and many more started and grew to succeed in the heart of the Midwest.

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