TechBeacon - 4 ways to recruit and retain software engineers

So you've learned how to recruit the best software engineers to your team; now the trick is keeping them there. After hiring, retention is the critical factor to ensure you keep churning out great product. Beyond the obvious--fair comp packages and perks like catered lunches--there are a few less tangible ways you can keep people motivated and engaged at your company. TechBeacon lays them out--with a little help from Rivi Technical Recruiter, Tonya Shtarkman. 

(TechBeacon) - 4 ways to recruit and retain software engineers

Shipping a continuous stream of great software requires more than just hiring top software engineers. You need to recruit and keep them for the long haul, as well as motivate them to solve new problems in creative and efficient ways.

"Catered lunch and free drinks and snacks are almost a requirement in the startup world today," says Tonya Shtarkman, lead technical recruiter at Riviera Partners, a San Francisco-based recruiting firm. So are other perks such as areas for employees to socialize, quiet rooms for focus, toys and games, showers, and exercise equipment.

Assuming that you've met such "checklist" items and are paying market wages, here are four less tangible ways to recruit, motivate, and retain your best software engineers.

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TechBeacon - How to dig past the buzzwords to recruit the best software engineers

If you're running any kind of growing tech company, chances are you're going to need a software engineer or two. The key to success is finding those diamonds in the rough that have both the technical chops and the ability to mesh with your current team and the company culture. When you're evaluating candidates, there's a set of questions that can help you narrow in on just the right fit.

(TechBeacon) - How to dig past the buzzwords to recruit the best software engineers

In today's seller's market, it's hard enough to get a qualified software engineer with popular skills such as C#, Java, C++, or JavaScript in the door. Once you do, how do you separate the superstars from those with just carefully crafted resumes?

Based on interviews with development managers and recruitment experts, these five questions you should be asking job candidates are aimed at evaluating not only a prospect's technical chops also but his or her ability to communicate and work with real, live people.

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TechBeacon - 5 killer questions software engineers should ask on their next job interview

When you go on an interview, you shouldn't just be answering questions--you should be asking them as well. Seasoned interviewees may already have a list of go-to questions for every potential job opportunity, but there are five that every engineer should always bring up. Rivi recruiter  Tonya Shtarkman (and others) share them in this TechBeacon article.

(TechBeacon) – 5 killer questions software engineers should ask on their next job interview

Maybe you're a JavaScript superstar who has taken down your LinkedIn profile to stop those annoying headhunter calls. Or maybe you're an everyday, solid player who gets "only" two to three nibbles a year.

Regardless of how often you find yourself going on a job interview, these five questions every software engineer should ask will help determine if you'll be happy for the long term.

What's your culture?

You'll be living with the beliefs, values, and behaviors of your coworkers 10 to 12 hours per day. Does the corporate culture value technology, respect software engineers, give them a say in product development, and offer the freedom to do their best work without micromanagement?

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