Recruiting as a Career: Speedy Career Progression

If you’ve been following along in our series, you already know the types of backgrounds that make good recruiters, the transferrable skills you can hope to learn in this career, and the various ways you can impact your clients, the company you work for and the job seekers you serve. In fact, pursuing a career as a recruiter (particularly here at Rivi) can be quite impactful on your own path as well; there’s a great opportunity to quickly progress in your career. There are a few ways you can make sure you’re on the path to success.

Nurture your intellectual curiosity

Along with perseverance, intellectual curiosity is huge at Rivi. You don’t need to be a genius (although it helps), but you do need to be able to get smart about things very quickly. You’re exposed to all types of companies and technology, so you need to be able to listen and understand what the important nuggets are--what is it that can be applied to next conversation, in the next six weeks or in the next six months? This is a mix of reading and continued research at academic level, as well as talking to people and really engaging with clients, candidates and teammates. You can’t be scared to ask questions, but you should do as much as possible to answer them on your own. This will lead you to the wisdom you need to succeed.

Focus on the details

Attention to detail is important in most careers; it’s critical here. You need to digest the details and figure out the patterns. Something that happens in one search may happen once, or it may come up again and again; it’s imperative to recognize that. Also, there’s a ton of communication that takes place up to the point to where a match is made, so you need to keep track of who has talked to who and when. Being on top of the communication and the nitty gritty keeps you on the right track.

Be personable, and a bit of a chameleon

This is an interactive career; you’re not going to be chained behind a computer. So you have to personable and willing to meet people. It helps to be a bit of a chameleon who’s comfortable in lots of different environments. Clients are different from candidates, candidates are different than board members. This can be uncomfortable, but each level of that is a level of learning. Through those uncomfortable experiences, you learn something. What you do with that learning from there matters; setting expectations sets you up for success. Understand you’re going to have difficult searches. Know that going in and be comfortable with that. Having a certain level of comfort in uncomfortable situations will help immensely.

Make it a career, not a job

To really push the envelope, you need to make your career your priority. Go wherever, be wherever, roll up your sleeves and get after it. Letting it bleed into your life while still maintaining balance is the key.

Adapt to new technology

The skill set you develop here will always be relevant, but one of the major perks at Rivi is the company’s investment in technology. While you always need to bring a lot of grit to the table, but technology will continue to evolve the role, removing some of the need for repetitive tasks and excruciating attention to detail and aiding the learning curve along the way. The more you can adapt to the tech tools, the the easier it will be to expend less energy on the points above while still excelling at what you do.

Recruiting as a Career: A Fitting Background

When most people think of recruiting, they think sales. So it’s natural to assume that someone with a sales background would fit right in as a recruiter. While this isn’t patently untrue, the fact is that recruiting at Rivi is about a lot more than selling a job to a person or a person to a candidate. It’s execution, delivery, communication, human interaction, technical expertise--and a whole lot of organization.

In this business, you still have to define requirements, manage scope, have weekly status calls, and juggle multiple clients--all with their different challenges. That may seem daunting, but really it means that people from a variety of backgrounds are able to find a fitting career as a recruiter. At Rivi, we have several former engineers and product developers on our team--as a firm specializing in product and engineering hires, that’s probably no surprise. But walk around our offices, and you’ll also find former communications specialists, hiring managers, IT consultants and, yes, salespeople.

The key is a passion for the job. If you get excited about the chance to meet CEOs and execs of world class companies every few weeks, and the opportunity to help them solve a talent problem, then chances are you’ll fit right into our world of recruiting. Also, if you’ve ever been on the other side of the table--as someone who has worked at or hired for a technology startup--that experience and ability to relate translates into a valuable skill for this career.

This business is fast-paced and changing, helps you stay sharp and learn technology at top levels, and work with coolest companies in the world. And we’re only just beginning. We intend to reinvent the antiquated world of recruiting, just as the world changed for travel agents, and is changing for real estate agents. Anyone who’s excited for this change--and the challenges--will enjoy the ride.

Recruiting As a Career: Being the Brand Ambassador

In many ways, we as recruiters are brand ambassadors for both our clients and the candidates we present to them. This gives us the unique opportunity to represent both sides of the equation. For us, that means being a market knowledge expert and representing our clients with passion and enthusiasm, as well as presenting the unique skills and needs of each candidate.

At Rivi, we have our finger on the pulse of the technology landscape, and it’s up to us to share this market knowledge with the people we work with in order to give them the best insight, service and experience possible. These days, engineers are bombarded by recruiters, so we want to provide extraordinary service, and we really care about building relationships. We strive to learn what motivates a candidate and what’s most important to them, whether it’s holding the number one spot in the engineering org (e.g. a step-up) or perhaps just a shorter commute.

To be a great recruiter you need to understand all the different reasons why this person may switch from job to another, and often it’s even one great company to another. By taking the time to understand people and really getting to know their personal interests and career goals, we can best represent all the things that matter to them to our clients. Each candidate brings something different to a prospective employer--no two people are the same.

With our clients, we have an in-person kickoff and work closely with them throughout the process to get a good grasp of what they care about and truly become a part of their hiring team. This allow us to fully show our enthusiasm for our clients and the passion around their business and product.

We take pride in representing our clients both accurately and positively. This starts with diving into the minds of the founders and leaders of these companies to understand from where their passion for their product stems. We get a complete picture of their vision for the product and company, as well as how they see their employees contributing to that vision. In doing so, we become invested in their vision as well, and we’re able to represent them to candidates with excitement--and complete transparency. This lets us inspire interest and excitement in the people we approach as well.

And the best part? We get to be actively involved in building some of the most innovative and influential technical teams and companies while working with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the industry.

Aaron Ho, Dylan Hanour + Erin Jensen contributed to this piece

Recruiting As a Career: Making an Impact

We’ve been in this game for a while now--more than 20 years--which means we’ve had time to build relationships with some of the best talent around, not to mention garner “get sh*t done” reputation in the tech industry. Thanks to this, recruiters at Rivi have the unique opportunity to network and build relationships with some of the best-in-class talent innovators, game changers and VCs. Ultimately, this means you can make a big impact on clients’ and candidates’ success with a successful placement.

As soon as the investments roll in for a startup, the investors bring in recruiters because, now, the company needs to build the team. Often these hires are mission critical, so if a company doesn’t get it right, they could miss huge market opportunities. They’ll hire recruiters like us, because we’re connected to the individuals they need to build companies. We worked early on with companies like Uber and Dropbox when they had less than 100 people. Our recruiters will work directly with the board and CEO to find execs these startups are looking for. You get to help formulate thoughts on what’s important in the role and who will be the best fit for the organization.

A good placement can be hugely impactful for a company: if they get it wrong, they lose time. They lose time, other people can enter market, and the market opportunity might be missed. Which is why we put so much emphasis on getting matches right at Rivi--if we don’t, the whole investment may tank. Time to market is a critical variable, and we strive to place the right person so companies and candidates can get to where they want to go, and be able to execute on their vision. At the end of the day, startups are talent-driven: people are the fuel that makes them prosperous.

Ali Behnam contributed to this piece.

Recruiting As a Career: Why Do It?

Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking to make a change in your career path, recruiting may be a great option. It’s a career with both an incredible propensity for learning and growth, and also the opportunity to apply the skills you may already have.

At Riviera, we’re fortunate to have built a reputation in the marketplace as being the firm to partner with when you’re looking for the best Product and Engineering talent to help you scale, from individual contributors on up to executives. We focus on the guys and gals who build the products that form the foundation of your business. We’re lucky enough to work with companies across the entire technology stack, from the depth of the data centers and virtualization and public/private clouds, to disruptive consumer apps and innovative Enterprise software users actually enjoy using. This provides an incredible opportunity for someone considering a career in recruiting.

In this series, you’ll learn about how a career in recruiting provides innumerable opportunities, ranging from making an impact on a startup’s bottom line to helping people reach their full career potential, as well as what backgrounds make good recruiters and how transferable the skills you acquire are across a number of other career paths (among other things). At Rivi, vision, purpose and values are critical to our business--we really think through how we do things to ensure we’re delivering the best possible service and experience. The bottom line: you can make a difference, both for yourself and the people and companies you work with.

Be sure to follow along here for all the details on recruiting at Rivi.