Am I Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Posted by: Eric Larson

Last month, I took part in an outstanding internal training class hosted by Riviera Partners’ Operations team, and the moment we began discussing the topics of culture and service, it suddenly struck me – becoming a good recruiter requires abiding by some of the same principles we’ve all been taught since childhood (side note: essentially the same lessons I try to instill in my own kids, every day).  Ironically, I came to the realization that as obvious as some of these principles may be, it takes hard work (and periodic reminders) to apply them in our own adult professional lives. I have compiled a listing of some of the topics we discussed below.

Set clear goals

Focus your energy on things that matter

Be punctual

Respond to people in a short amount of time

Keep communications open and be transparent

Appearance and body language are important

Accept responsibility

Be open to constructive criticism

Only promise what you can deliver

Don't be afraid to say you don't know. It's OK not to know the answer to every question.

Don't ignore problems

Lead by example

Get to know the people around you and treat them all with respect

Remember that, above all, morals and values matter

Nothing new here, right? Now correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we all been working on these since grade school? So, perhaps, the formula for success is much more simple then we ever imagined; maybe all we need to do is remember these basic, 5th grade principles and we can find success in whatever we do.

If I had only listened to my parents the first 50 times they tried to teach me all of this...

I guess I owe them a call.