Out of the Incubator: Spitfire Athlete

on 04 | 17 | 2014

Here at Riviera, supporting the tech community is high on our list of priorities, because we want to make sure that innovation in technology doesn’t slow down. We started our Entrepreneurs In Residence program because we know that in order to innovate, people need a space conducive to getting stuff done. The latest to take advantage of this space are Erin Parker and Nidhi Kulkarni, the dynamic ladies behind the recently-launched Spitfire Athlete, which was just written up in TechCrunch.

Spitfire Athlete is a beautifully-designed health and fitness app that helps users focus on specific goals, such as strength, power, physique and flexibility. The app, which has been featured as a Best New App in the app store, includes four-week training courses designed to help you track progress and learn about new exercises.

The creators hope Spitfire Athlete will inspire women to discover new levels of strength and power. In the first week, the app has received more than 10,000 downloads. Join the club and check it out for yourself.