Nibletz – Should Startups Hire for Today or Tomorrow?

on 10 | 28 | 2013

When  looking at the rapidly changing dynamics inside today’s technology startups, there are many challenges that entrepreneurs face — especially when it comes to hiring. At the heart of this specific matter is addressing your current needs while keeping your business objectives in mind. Is it better to hire talent to help you get over the today’s current humps or look for the people who are able to see future state for growth and opportunities tomorrow? Partner Kevin Buckby recently shared his thoughts with Nibletz in a feature post that he guest-authored.

(Nibletz) – Should Startups Hire for Today or Tomorrow?

Selecting and hiring talent in today’s market is perhaps the most critical success-factor for high growth startups. Yet these founders face a dilemma: Should they acquire talent to address today’s challenges and goals, or hire leaders with the head-room and skills to scale and anticipate future opportunities?

Earn the Right
Startups need to solve today’s challenges to earn the right to address tomorrow’s opportunities. By failing to focus on immediate challenges, such as meeting the needs of your early customers, the challenge you anticipate in international expansion will never materialize. It’s important to seek individuals who can drive near-term success, and thus position a company for growth.

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