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Technology Companies that Partner with Us

Executive Headhunters That Win

Working with a technology search agency or executive headhunters can make or break a business in the tech space. If tech is a key driver in your company’s success, then hiring the best leaders in the technology industry is essential. Having the right senior managers in place can be the difference between success and failure. At Riviera Partners, we specialize in technology executive search services and pride ourselves on matching leadership talent with the top-performing tech companies. We have a proven track record of technology recruitment that facilitates the right hires quickly from our extensive pool of qualified candidates.

Meet our NYC Headhunters

Glenn Murphy


Glenn brings global experience running searches for major financial institutions in both London and NYC. He completed engagements for Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America and Barclays, to name a few. Glenn first came to the US on an athletic and academic scholarship, playing soccer at the University of Montevallo while completing his degree in Finance.

Will Potter


Will brings nine years of sales and recruitment experience with him. Will has worked for great leadership early in his career that instilled a commitment to customer service, thoughtfulness and results. He graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jodi Jefferson


Executive recruiter specializing in Engineering and Product search, providing strategic consulting for high-profile venture capital-backed startups, growth stage, private and public companies. Experience in business development, relationship management, recruiting & talent advisory and recruitment of Engineering and Product Executives

Jon Peters


Previous to joining Riviera, Jon built a technology recruitment team from scratch for a London-based business in NYC. Jon has executive search in his DNA–while in high school and while achieving his Economics degree from Rutgers University, he was working for his father’s Executive Search firm

Your #1 New York City Executive Headhunters

Our New York office is located on Hudson Street in Manhattan, home to Wall Street, Times Square, and Central Park. We’re surrounded by the distinct neighborhoods of the East Side, like Soho, Tribeca, and Greenwich Village. This vibrant location, close art galleries, the public library, and Statue of Liberty, is an inspiring place to recruit the best and brightest that the Big Apple has to offer. We love the New York hustle, the drive of its people, and its insatiable energy for achieving more. It is the perfect city to recruit motivated, innovative technology leaders who can inspire digital transformation.

Your Success is Our Success

We partner with you for success. We take an active role in defining explicit and implicit qualifications for each search. Our machine learning algorithms match candidates, qualifications and fit factors to each company and position to uncover nuances that underpin a successful hire. Our process minimizes risk – we can usually deliver a short list of highly-qualified candidates within 30 days, and land the right hire within 140.

Our mission is to provide companies, investors and candidates with services that:

Reduce hiring risk
Accelerate hiring time
Simplify the hiring process
Bolster lasting team success and satisfaction

Riviera’s sweet spot is C-suite technology, product and design executives… networked, hands-on and backed by unique data and software.



Riviera New York: Passion-Driven Results

Above all else, we are driven by our commitment to the success of our clients. Through our intentional focus on tech leaders, highly-developed data systems, a vast industry network, and genuine care for your company’s prosperity, you can count on Riviera for a transparent and successful recruitment process.


154 W 14th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10011

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NYC Headhunters That Specialize in Technology

Riviera Partners is one of the best NYC headhunters for recruiting top executive and C-suite roles. We focus on helping organizations in the technology industry to source and secure New York’s leading talent. We have a highly experienced and well-connected team of recruitment specialists that can match high-performing job seekers with leading tech companies. Our consultants know the industry inside out and understand the skills, qualifications, and experience that technology roles demand. They’ve helped hundreds of NYC-based businesses to find their ideal candidates who meet specific requirements.

We’re a tech recruitment agency through and through which means we truly understand the sector’s needs. Unlike other search firms that spread themselves across sales, marketing, operations, and more, we concentrate solely on technology hires. This niche approach enables us to focus our efforts and resources into being the very best in our area. We merge this industry-specific knowledge with an in-house, state-of-the-art recruiting platform to achieve maximal results for clients. This combination allows us to find top candidates faster and match them with the perfect career opportunity. For companies that are looking to hire top-performing professionals in areas like product, design, or engineering, you’ll find our recruiting services an ideal fit.

One crucial difference between our executive search firm and other NYC headhunters is our data-driven approach. We developed our very own recruiting platform that makes the entire search process more efficient. It leverages the pooled knowledge of our highly experienced recruitment team which makes finding and securing high-level, full-time executives much quicker. Using the power of software and data helps us source the very best candidates for your role so that you have a higher caliber of potential execs to choose from.

This digital approach also means that our recruitment firm offers clients more transparency. As well as having a dedicated consultant on hand, you can access real-time updates and see search progress at a glance. This improves visibility for HR teams and streamlines communication so that the entire hiring process runs smoothly. Whether you’re looking for tech-savvy sales professionals or innovative product directors, our digital platform and vast network is an effective combination.

We’ve worked with every type of business, from long-established software companies in Manhattan’s financial district to new tech start-ups in emerging hubs like Soho and Chelsea.

New York is one of the world’s best tech cities and we have the resources to help you take full advantage of it. Our local knowledge and collective experience allow us to deliver executive recruiter solutions for engineering, product, and design search requirements. So, whether your business is based in Tribeca, Greenwich, or Midtown, has private equity funding or a bootstrap business model, we have a local network of technology professionals to suit your roles.

As NYC headhunters, we have an extensive network of technology connections across the city. Our team can source high-caliber candidates that meet exacting specifications and will contribute to your company’s success in the short and long-term. So, if your organization needs tech executives, don’t settle for generic firms that offer broad business or sales recruiting. Get in touch with our specialist tech recruiters to find the perfect fit for your requirements.


Why Choose Riviera Partners?

We are the leading NYC headhunters for technology roles and pride ourselves on matching high-quality candidates with leading tech businesses. When you entrust your role search to Riviera, you’ll be in good company. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in technology, including Bloomberg, Shutterstock, Shazam, WeWork, and Squarespace. Large scale enterprises and smaller start-ups choose us to fulfill demanding search criteria and find the perfect fit for their organizations. So, what is it that makes us the top tech headhunters in NYC?


  •         Extensive network of high caliber technology professionals in New York City and the surrounding areas.
  •         Innovative digital recruitment platform that simplifies the search process and makes it more transparent to clients.
  •         Specialism in the tech sector means our team understands the bespoke needs and unique nuances of the industry which aids candidate selection.


As dedicated technology headhunters, we have access to the top talent in the industry and a quality candidate pool that generalist recruiters can’t match. Our consultants have placed hundreds of tech professionals in leadership roles and will work with you to ensure the right fit. At Riviera Partners, we’re immensely proud of our vast candidate network, industry relationships, and digital search platform.