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Riviera is a leading CTO recruiter with well-established talent networks in New York City and throughout the USA. We help established information technology companies as well as brand new start-ups to recruit high-caliber leaders. As a specialist CTO executive search firm, we can source exceptional candidates at the top level. So, whether you’re looking for a chief technology officer, technology director, or head of cybersecurity, our CTO search team can help.

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Do you need executives and engineers for your company or start up?  We help trans-formative companies flourish in a continually evolving technology marketplace through the successful recruitment of world class leadership and technical talent.

We deliver the best full-stack recruiting service, helping people and companies reach their full potential.

Our Approach

Our passion, exclusive focus on technology leadership, unmatched domain expertise, unparalleled relationship network, reliance on data-driven insights and artificial intelligence to optimize your search, means that when you work with Riviera, you know you’ll make a great hire.  Riviera delivers results – the most sought-after, proven, executive leadership in engineering, product and design, and we do it with the most experienced tech-driven team in the industry.

Your New York City CTO Recruiter

Our New York office is located on Hudson Street in Manhattan, home to Wall Street, Times Square, and Central Park. We’re surrounded by the distinct neighborhoods of the East Side, like Soho, Tribeca, and Greenwich Village. This vibrant location, close art galleries, the public library, and Statue of Liberty, is an inspiring place to recruit the best and brightest that the Big Apple has to offer. We love the New York hustle, the drive of its people, and its insatiable energy for achieving more. It is the perfect city to recruit motivated, innovative technology leaders who can inspire digital transformation.

When choosing a CTO recruiter, it’s important to work with a company that has extensive talent networks to find the top candidates. Many executive search consultants will claim to know the ‘perfect’ CIO or CTO for a role but it’s rarely this simple. In reality, the recruitment process involves experienced hiring managers looking at a range of talent, each of whom will bring different skills or qualities to the table. A well-established CTO executive search firm will have access to a high-level network of technology professionals. They will do the hard work of filtering out unsuitable parties so that you interview the cream of the crop. This ensures that you only spend time considering the very best senior executives and can select from New York’s highest performers.

CTO Executive Search Firm

At Riviera, we’re completely dedicated to ensuring that your recruitment process is successful. We understand the value of finding all-star leaders who are adept at inspiring and managing teams. Hiring the right technology leadership can be the difference between success and failure for any company. When it comes to recruiting a CTO, securing a highly-qualified and experienced candidate is a huge competitive differentiator. They can develop insightful business strategies, guide teams on best practice, and deliver high-level value that sets your organization apart. High-performing technology officers practice as well as preach, so we’ll find you someone who understands the nitty-gritty as well as blue sky strategy.

We are a specialist CTO recruiter which means we have experience with identifying tech-based talent. Most executive search firms will say that they can help you find the right candidate, yet do not have IT industry experience. This means that they aren’t able to differentiate between CIOs, chief information security officers, or any number of other niche job titles. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge about the sector can place an unnecessary burden on clients. Executive search firms like these don’t filter for the appropriate skills or experience, which results in a disappointing candidate pool. No managing director or vice president has time to waste on interviews with job seekers who simply aren’t suitable for the role.

 As a CTO executive search firm, we understand the tech industry inside out. We have helped hundreds of IT companies to hire top talent and grow their teams. Our expertise and career advice are also invaluable for non-tech companies that want CTO search services. If your business needs to up its game in the digital arena but isn’t sure what skills to hire for, then we can help. Our team of experienced consultants can advise you on the qualities and experience needed to fulfill your job role. They can then source the best candidates that meet these criteria so that all you have to do is decide whether they’re a good fit.

Another element that sets us apart from most other CTO search companies is our own adoption of tech. We use state-of-the-art, proprietary technology to manage the recruiting process and maximize results. The Riviera team of search professionals uses specially developed software to manage the delivery of every client engagement. We have trained our machine learning algorithms against decades of technology recruiting experience to amplify each of our recruiters’ effectiveness.

Our digital recruiter solutions provide full transparency at every stage of the search process and facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders. This ensures that recruiters, clients, board members, and even investors have visibility over the entire talent acquisition journey. The use of technology in combination with our extensive networks is what facilitates successful search results for our clients.

CTO Search & Recruitment in New York City and Beyond

Working with a recruiting firm based in New York is essential if you want to hire in the city. We have an extensive local network of technology executives who may be the ideal candidate in your CTO search. But our reach also extends across the country as far as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Bozeman, Montana. This enables us to source your next chief security officer or information officer from further afield. Geography should never be a hindrance when it comes to finding the perfect leaders for your organization. 

Information technology has been the source of rapid growth for thousands of companies across the country. We understand its power and the importance of hiring the right leaders to fuel the developments of every business we work with. Choosing the right technology hire, whether it’s a chief information officer or managing partner, is fundamental to your business success. Working with a specialist CTO & CIO recruiter like us will give you the best chance of finding the ideal candidate.

For the last decade, we’ve played a role in building the hottest start-ups and most well-known tech companies around. We believe everyone deserves to have a job they love, so we’ve built a next-generation recruiting platform that matches job hunters with the exacting needs of tech companies. It’s designed to introduce organizations like yours to brilliant minds in order to solve difficult challenges.

Riviera’s exclusive focus on technology talent means we bring decades of collective domain experience. We have tens of thousands of executive relationships and the accumulated data of hundreds of thousands of interactions with technology leaders to bear for our clients on every search. Exceptional technology executives possess a rare combination of leadership experience and demonstrated technical achievement, making them difficult to find and even harder to evaluate. But our recommendation system picks up on the explicit and implicit signals throughout each search to help our clients understand what they really need and our recruiters to find it quickly. 

We’re a results-driven CTO executive search firm with a passion for helping clients to reach their full potential. Our drive, our exclusive focus on technology leadership, our unmatched domain expertise, our unparalleled relationship network, combined with our reliance on data-driven insights and artificial intelligence to optimize your search, means that when you work with Riviera, you know you’ll make a great hire.  We are relentlessly focused on our clients’ success.

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