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Posted on Jan 11, 2016

Mashable - Tech FANGs — Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google — are worrying about the stock market

Despite a talent market that is hot as ever, Silicon Valley has come to the point where it finally has to worry about Wall Street, which suffered a record worst first day in 2016. The big four--Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google--collectively lost billions in the opening days of the year. The result on the talent side? People are much more inquisitive about the business health of the companies they're considering. Rivi Partner Sam Wholley chatted with Mashable on the details.

(Mashable) Tech FANGs — Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google — are worrying about the stock market

This week, executives from Netflix, Apple, Google and Snapchat descended on Las Vegas to schmooze, give cheery speeches and exercise their lavish expense accounts for the technology lovefest that is the Consumer Electronics Show.

Beyond the shiny gadgets and shinier spin on display in the convention center, however, much of the industry was starting to quietly melt down where they had left it.

Silicon Valley, after years of high valuations and booming stock prices, finally has to worry about Wall Street. The U.S. stock market suffered its worst first day of trading in eight years as concerns about China's imploding market set off a worldwide selloff, with technology stocks leading the way. Then the situation got worse.

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