Dice – Using Stack Overflow in Your Job Search

on 07 | 30 | 2015

If you’re on the lookout for a new job, there are several things you can do to make your hunt more successful. Number one is to make sure you have a tight resume that has been recently updated, and then translate that to networking sites like LinkedIn. For programmers, another is to get involved on Stack Overflow. Why? Because recruiters use it to determine whether your skills and personality will be a good fit for certain roles. Read more.

(Dice) – Using Stack Overflow in Your Job Search

How much can a recruiter learn about you from a question-and-answer session? A fair amount, it turns out, which is why a number of them turn to Stack Overflow when they’re searching for candidates for tech roles.

Some recruiters believe that reading through profiles gives them an opportunity to get a sense of a candidate’s technical expertise, how they approach technical challenges, and their skill at communicating with others.

Most agree that the site can be helpful in creating a full and balanced profile of those they’re trying to match with an open role. Stack Overflow’s strength, they add, lies not in its ability to search for candidates (most agree its tools are too limited for that) but in the help it can give in deciding whether you have the skills and personality to fit with the demands of particular job.

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