Business Intelligence Lead

Riviera is now seeking a Business Intelligence Lead

Riviera is seeking a Business Intelligence Lead to perform the following:

  • Build analytical processes to support company decisions regarding operations, processes, & optimization, by developing algorithms & coding solutions.
  • Develop & support systems, tools & analytical processes currently used to store & report data & conduct analysis.
  • Evaluate systems & processes to identify opportunity to improve.
  • Use data mining to manipulate gathered data, perform data validation, analysis & modeling.
  • Use math & statistical methods, including Probability Theory and Stochastic Systems, to identify & interpret trends & patterns in datasets to locate influential factors.
  • Add, update, & suggest new measurements in reports for further analysis based on business needs & required or available data elements.
  • Create, update, & edit dashboard visualizations through reporting software systems. Evaluate tracked metrics & ensure company uses them to support strategic business objectives.
  • Develop, refactor, & update systems to ingest data streams, design data storage/warehouse systems to ensure data collected is accurate, complete & standardized for analysis.
  • Engineer software & design & develop web based data services to automate data flow in system platforms.

Must work at 2 office locations: San Francisco & San Jose, CA.

Send CV to: Riviera Partners, 141 10th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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