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March 22, 2016

Recruiting as a Career: The Transferable Skills of Recruiting

As we noted in our previous post on recruiting as a career, there are a variety of backgrounds that apply well to a recruiting role at Rivi. The reverse is […]

March 16, 2016

AlleyWatch - The Six Cs of Attracting Talent

When you're trying to attract new talent, there are probably a few selling points you have in mind right off the bat. One is most certainly compensation, and the others […]

March 15, 2016

AlleyWatch - How to Hire an Engineer When You Don’t Speak Tech: Top 5 Areas of Confusion in Engineering Recruiting

Even if your company isn't a tech company per se, chances are you're going to need an engineer at some point. Making a tech hire when you don't speak the […]

March 11, 2016

CNBC - Brain Drain in Silicon Valley

Partner Iain Grant caught up with CNBC to discuss the perceived "brain drain" in Silicon Valley as Twitter and other tech companies who are trying to stem the tide with more and […]

March 10, 2016

Fortune - How to Choose the Right Tech Recruiter

If you're a developer with a litany of hot coding languages in your tool belt (and on your LinkedIn profile), chances are you're getting hit up by recruiters left and […]

March 8, 2016

Recruiting as a Career: A Fitting Background

When most people think of recruiting, they think sales. So it’s natural to assume that someone with a sales background would fit right in as a recruiter. While this isn’t […]

February 23, 2016

Recruiting As a Career: Being the Brand Ambassador

In many ways, we as recruiters are brand ambassadors for both our clients and the candidates we present to them. This gives us the unique opportunity to represent both sides […]

February 9, 2016

Recruiting Relationships: Helping People Reach Their Full Potential

One of the things that’s exciting and rewarding about being a recruiter, is that we can play a significant impact in changing people’s lives.  Most of us spend the majority […]

February 2, 2016

Recruiting As a Career: Making an Impact

We’ve been in this game for a while now--more than 20 years--which means we’ve had time to build relationships with some of the best talent around, not to mention garner […]

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