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March 8, 2019

International Women's Day Brings Awareness

In November 2017, I wrote this blog post about how to build diverse and inclusive teams. Today, on International Woman’s Day 2019, I have paused to take inventory of where […]

March 5, 2019

The 3 Characteristics of Elite Executive Search Partners

In my 17+ years in the space, I’ve never seen the market more competitive. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the best firms find the right talent. Executive search […]

February 27, 2019

Who’s Your War Admiral? Why Horses Beat Unicorns

Companies like Uber, ZenDesk, Okta, Braintree, Github...all truly transformative companies, led by extraordinary, highly valued, highly talented transformative technology leaders. We hear a lot about “unicorns” in executive search. I […]

February 20, 2019

How To Scale Without Breaking: 4 Common Symptoms To Watch Out For

Those new employees...they haven’t been indoctrinated in your systems, culture or your vision. And let’s not forget all the new responsibilities that are pushing your team to their limit. Scaling […]

February 19, 2019

The C-suite hiring puzzle: How companies like Intel are shifting strategies

When Intel Corp. last month picked Bob Swan as its new CEO, the chipmaker was following a new playbook that has become more prevalent in the executive search world. Silicon Valley recruiting […]

February 12, 2019

Finding The Right Talent in Times of Transition

Determining the right candidate profile while your company is transitioning can be daunting. You are often in uncharted territory with requirements and qualifications in flux. With so much at stake, […]

February 8, 2019

Hunt Scanlon - Riviera Partners Acquires Bamboo Talent

Riviera Partners said that its proprietary recruiting platform combined with Bamboo Talent’s vertical specialization and market-specific expertise will allow the combined entity to better serve a national client roster of […]

February 6, 2019

Financial Review - Silicon Valley: Why the smart money is pulling out

"Winter is coming," says Russell Hancock, chief of think tank Joint Venture Silicon Valley. "The markets don't lie." Hancock, who knows Silicon Valley like the back of his hand, might […]

February 5, 2019

Mergers & Acquistions - Technology M&A is thriving

GTCR-backed Resonetics has acquired Caribou Technologies, expanding the buyer's services into centerless grinding, forming, coiling, and machining. The deal represents Caribou's third acquisition for Resonetics in precision micro-manufacturing over the past year, following […]

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