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Riviera Partners


Posted on Oct 5, 2022

Riviera Partners, the leading Executive Search firm for engineering, product, and design leadership roles, has released its latest salary survey summarizing executive compensation for technology leaders between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022. The survey provides a comprehensive overview of compensation detail broken out by stage of company or valuation, backing status, and level of role, including:

  • Total annual cash compensation, inclusive of annual salary and incentive bonuses (sign-on bonuses are excluded)
  • Frequency of offers that include an annual bonus, and the percentage the annual bonus represents of the annual salary
  • Frequency of offers that include a sign-on bonus, and the percent the sign-on bonus represents of the annual salary
  • The initial equity grant percentage (normally spread over a 4-year period for options) is based on the company’s valuation or stock price at the time of placement

To receive a copy of the survey, please reach out to your Riviera recruiter or email for more information.

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