When it comes to the tech talent market, competition is fierce. So much so that you may be easily wooed when a resume packed full of great-sounding credentials comes across your desk. But it’s important to remember that even someone with what appears to be the best qualifications for the job may not be the best fit for you or your company. Once you sit down to interview someone, make sure to look out for red flags. Technical Recruiter Aaron Ho has laid out four big ones (and how to spot them).

(Alley Watch) – 4 Red Flags for Interviewers to Watch For During Tech Interviews and How to Spot Them

Hiring in the tech space is tough enough, and with the ever-growing demand for talented tech workers, it’s tempting to snatch up anyone with a great resume. But just because someone has a stellar list of credentials doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your company. There are some red flags to look for in any interview that can indicate whether the person sitting in front of you is going to work well in the role.

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