A Look Back at Recruiting in Q4

With 2013 already in full swing, we are optimistic that it will be another great year in the world of tech. In our quarterly newsletter, Managing Partners Michael Morell and Ali Behnam make a few predictions about what the year has in store, our recruiters share their own resolutions and valuable candidate tips, and we take a look back at a few of our recruiting accomplishments from Q4. Read our full newsletter below and join us as we look toward making 2013 another successful year.


Ringing In the New Year: Recruiting Tips & Resolutions

Our recruiting experts are full of knowledge and insight, so in the spirit of the New Year, we share a few of their recruiting tips and resolutions to help us and our candidates prosper in 2013.

Candidate Tips:

“Research the company before an initial interview. This will help show the potential employer that you are truly interested.”—Sunny Mee, Technical Recruiter

“Be honest with your technical capabilities and expertise—in terms of both strengths and weaknesses. Also, speak candidly about your career aspirations and decision criteria for new opportunities.”—Ashish Raina, Principal

“Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete with skills, knowledge, interests, and referrals. Look for experience in emerging areas such as Big Data, analytics, and mobile.”—Andy Grosso, Partner

“Have an exploratory call with a potential employer, versus simply saying ‘no’ to an opportunity.”—Candace Trafficanda, Technical Recruiter

“Remember all the rules your parents tried to teach you when you were growing up. Good manners, work ethic, follow-up, and skills will take you far.”—Eric Larson, Partner

“Demonstrate your passion for coding through side projects, open source contributions, and coding competitions.”—Aaron Ho, Technical Recruiter

“Work on challenging projects, and better yet, take the lead on them. Look for new things to develop instead of stepping into something already created.”—Ali Behnam, Managing Partner

“Get on github.com.”Tony Zammikiel, Technical Recruiting Manager

“Simplify your resume and tailor it to the jobs you are applying for.”Darin Matuzic, Technical Recruiter

"Have a good portfolio of work available and ready to share.”Joanne Yoo, Technical Recruiter

“Be able to articulate your idea role, company, and responsibilities.”—Sam Wholley, Principal

“Share and network with other developers.”—Michael Tumasian, Technical Recruiter

“Call me.”—Michael Morell, Managing Partner


Recruiting Resolutions:

“Continue learning the fundamentals of recruiting, with a focus on adding value as an engagement manager.”—Ashish Raina, Principal

“Create and nurture great working relationships with all of my clients.”—John Gragg, Technical Recruiter

“Work smarter, not harder.”—Dirk Cleveland, Principal

“Become more of a ‘talent agent’ and establish that as the recruiting model.”—Ali Behnam, Managing Partner

“Close searches faster while keeping the bar high.”Kelly Kinnard, Principal

“Expand my professional network.”—Darin Matuzic, Technical Recruiter

“Have more fun.”—Matt Fonda, Technical Recruiter

“Dominate.”—Michael Morell, Managing Partner

“Continue to master my craft.”Michael Tumasian, Technical Recruiter

“Maintain stronger relationships with my candidates.”—Alex Sjoman, Technical Recruiter

Is HR (as a job category) dead?

Managing Partner Michael A. Morell sat down and penned a few thoughts about the changing landscape of today's jobs. The present day workplace is not the same animal it once was; companies are evolving and many facets of the traditional workplace are now viewed with new insight and updated focuses. Michael shared his own perspective on such matters around the topic of Human Resources and the it's function within an organization.

(Smart Blogs) - Recently, I was entering candidates into our database and came across the title “vice president of people and culture.” Because our system has a finite number of job categories, I was forced to choose “human resources” for this particular individual. Doing so just felt wrong because in my mind there’s clearly a difference.

This got me thinking: Is HR as a job category going away? Are we moving away from titles such as “vice president of human resources?” More and more, I’m seeing titles reflect words like “people” and “culture” and “talent” versus the traditional human resources. And while I certainly understand this trend, it’s important not to simply replace one with the other.

To me, “human resources” still reflects the function of managing personnel, from recruitment and onboarding to performance and compensation. As industry experts might suggest, HR is more transactional than strategic.

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