2012 Q3: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

Salaries for software engineers – it’s a hot topic among candidates, clients and industry insiders, but it’s gained attention from a broader audience as of late. We have seen aggregated salary figures from the highest paying tech companies and we also came across a recent report covering the correlation of tech skills in demand and expected salary ranges. Reports like those all point to the same conclusion we have been drawing for the last few years: it’s a great time to be a developer. As we do every quarter, we crunched the numbers behind Riviera’s third quarter engineering placements and have presented them below.

Q3 Salaries

5 thoughts on “2012 Q3: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley

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  2. Under Salary by Education
    for <5 years of experience
    the Salary from top 20 schools is less than non top 20 schools is it correct?

    • Yeah that < 5 yrs + school doesnt make sense at all. Why would non-top 20 get a pay bump… especially right after undergrad.

      Kudos to Rivera for posting the data as is! Love the transparency.

  3. A Great report

    As a20+ year Technical Recruiter, there is always a Mid- Point Salary that companies are targeting for their hires. The number inches up during recessions and slow economies. although Areas of High Tech like Silicon Valley and all the other alley’s.

    The $120-125k is the point for Experienced Hires with a particular expertise, i.e. data miner’s, business intelligence, software development….and not job jumpers.

    The problem always exist for exceptional performers in high tech, high COLA areas can drive their numbers higher with job changes/performance and 5-15 years of solid experience over entry level 2+ years that start the chart.

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